Rape, German Leftism and Voodoo: The Psychology of the Ruthless

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2016


In my last article, “Muslims or Middlemen” I explained in detail the nature of those who aim to exterminate us who are not Islamic or Jewish supremacists. In this article, in light of the recent German New Year’s eve rape attacks, I will go into more detail about the psychology of leftists and their behavior.

They say “A picture is worth 1000 words” and certainly with the picture above that saying is true. Usually when you see eyes like that, they belong to some serial killer, but in this case they belong the leftist Mayor of a German city, Henriette Reker.

The cold emotionless stare is common in leftist German and Scandinavian politicians and journalists, but this is probably the first time their ruthless nature has been put on display to all, quite literally blaming German women for getting raped on New Year’s eve rather than those responsible, the German politicians.

Now some might be saying “Ohh but wait! It is the Arabs that did it! It is the problem of “radical Islam!” but this is the wrong way to look at it.  Say for instance you had a neighbor named “Hans” who invited himself into your house with four goats that he unleashes in your house, would you get angry at the goats when they shit on your carpet? Would you say that the goats did that because of some kind of backwards ideology they were taught by their ancestors? Would you try to educate them not to do it again?  No, obviously you would get angry at Hans for letting the goats run around your house. You wouldn’t want Hans or his goats near you in the future, and certainly not in charge of taking care of your property.

While the above may seem far fetched, in the Germanic countries of 2016 politicians like Reker bring Arabs into Germany and many Germans consider the problem to be the behavior of the Arabs. A behavior that can be stopped with the proper education. Swiss-German politician Silvia Schenker just announced a program giving “refugees” “lessons on how to treat women as equal”.



In African societies, such as in Haiti, there is a practice of creating or removing curses by using animal blood, or chicken bones, this is called “Voodoo”. Many people poke fun at this as backwards and primitive. Yet in 2016 German society, there is a practice of believing that opening books at Arabs and Blacks will stop them from Raping and Murdering. A kind of “German Voodoo” if you will. What is even more interesting is that these Voodoo beliefs have spread to leftists in other European countries  as well. 

The only way to break this voodoo curse ladies and gentlemen, is to stop talking about the problem in abstract terms to people. When you the nationalist discuss this matter on social media with other “average” Europeans, focus on getting the attention on the evil and cold nature of such leftists.

These politicians are sociopaths, they are consciously allowing women of their own nation to be raped in order for them to advance in their career or social status. These people are not “stupid”, “altruistic” or “suicidal”. They consider their own personal goals more important than anything or anyone. They simply do not have any more compassion for a German woman getting raped than they would for a cockroach that got stepped on. Hollywood films portrayed the German Nazis as cruel and inhuman with no regard for human life. It is ironic that in the real world, the cruel and inhuman Germans are the Leftist “humanitarians”!

There is a lot of anger right now, and as I have said many times, we must get the blame and anger focused on the people the common citizens can more easily confront, which is their local politicians and leftists. It is much harder for an average EU citizen to confront swarms of Muslims guarded by police in a camp, or Jews living on the upper west side of Manhattan. Keep in mind  I do not say this to imply the other two have no responsibility, rather I say  this as a strategy to make these traitors lives more difficult. We must not allow them change the narrative into a “behavioral” or “male violence vs women” one. We must not let good people be convinced that “German Voodoo” can stop them from being raped.