Rap Monkey Threatens to Murder Trump as Eminem Calls Him a Mean Name Instead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2017

How can someone watch this clip and walk away believing blacks are people?

NY Daily News:

Unlike mentor Kanye West, Big Sean isn’t pals with President Trump.

The rapper stopped by Hot 97 this week where he delivered a heated freestyle when promoting his new album “I Decided” on West’s label G.O.O.D Music.

“I know ‘Ye proud of me, he took me out of debt,” Sean rapped.

“I know Jay proud of me, he put this ’round my neck / And I might just kill ISIS with the same icepick / That I murder Donald Trump in the same night with.”

The heated freestyle was laid over an instrumental to Freeway’s “What We Do.”

Although Sean, 28, spewed the politically charged rap during the radio interview, Eminem actually calls Trump a “b—h” in the song “No Favors” on the album.

It sort of made sense to me that Kanye was pro-Trump.

I’m really not sure what these other rapper’s issue is.

Well, the black ones I’m not sure about.

Eminem is like 50 and just trying to stay hip.

Though he’d be a lot hipper if he was like “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

Anyway – why is this rapper allowed to threaten to kill Trump and nothing happens to him?

What if the races were reversed?

Imagine if a synthwave musician had threatened to murder Obama.