Random House Employees Start Crying After Announcement They’ll Publish Jordan Peterson Book

Women are the same as men and totally professional in the work place.

But they will start crying if they think someone said something mean (even if they didn’t really say anything mean).


Penguin Random House employees were sent into a tizzy by the firm’s decision to publish Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson’s new book, prompting a meeting where staffers reportedly cried and demanded that the tome be canceled.

The emotional in-house “town hall” was held on Monday, after it came to light that the publishing giant is handling Peterson’s new book, due out in March 2021. Employees anonymously leaked the controversy to Vice News, which said“people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson had affected their lives.”

Another staffer argued that Peterson is “an icon of hate speech and transphobia, and the fact that he’s an icon of white supremacy, regardless of the content of his book, I’m not proud to work for a company that publishes him.” The workers also are insisting that if they don’t get their way in canceling the book, all profits from the project should be donated to LGBTQ organizations.

There was no indication that any of the protesting employees had read the book, called ‘Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.’ Peterson, a clinical psychologist, has a largely non-partisan message of personal freedom and personal responsibility, but he has been branded a right-wing extremist for his popularity among conservatives.

Cambridge University last year rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to Peterson because of pressure from faculty and students, and protesters have tried to block or disrupt his speaking engagements. Peterson has riled the woke crowd with his anti-political-correctness views. He came to fame partly through a classroom rant on his opposition to compelled speech, such as being forced to use alternative pronouns.

Peterson has basically walked back on all of his anti-tranny positions.

But whatever. He’s got some decent self-help stuff, sort of. It’s not great. And obviously it doesn’t work that well or he wouldn’t be a drug addict. But whatever. He’s actually basically a fraud. It would be one thing if he had good material but was also addicted to pills, but his material is bizarre and self-contradicting.

Plus, why would you clean your room? Can’t you just hire a maid to do that? I mean, obviously don’t live like a slob, but I don’t think cleaning house should be at the top of the list of masculine priorities.

Plus, he encourages using psychotropic drugs (SSRIs) and various other practices that are worse than not doing something. And he also says that every single philosopher says the same thing as every other philosopher. He’s also got weird communist garbage on his walls, and actually seems to be some kind of satanist.

But hey – he can make fat white women cry. So I salute him for that.

I wonder if he actually wrote this book or if his staff did? Last time I heard about Peterson, he was in a coma in Russia.