Rand Paul: Time to “Declare Victory” in Afghanistan and Leave

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

The US invaded Afghanistan almost two decades ago to destroy the Taliban because… I can’t remember but I think they said Osama Bin Laden was in the Taliban, even though he wasn’t. Using seriously advanced military force against tribal cavepeople, they temporarily held large parts of the country.

Now, the Taliban has almost total control of the country once again.

So it’s time to declare victory and leave.


Senators Rand Paul and Tom Udall have introduced a bill to end the ruinously expensive conflict in Afghanistan, declaring ‘victory’ in the longest war in US history after 18 years, some $2 trillion and over 100,000 dead.

It’s important to know when to declare victory and leave a war,” Paul (R-Ky.) said in a video announcing the American Forces Going Home After Noble Service (AFGHANS) Act, adding, “I think that time has long passed.”

“Soon, US service members will begin deploying to Afghanistan to fight in a war that began before they were born,” Udall (D-N.Mex.) said in a statement issued alongside the bill, pointing out that al-Qaeda – the stated target of the invasion way back in 2001 – is practically nonexistent in Afghanistan nearly two decades later, and Osama bin Laden is long dead.

I’m surprised Paul would say “declare victory.”

You can’t have a victory when there is no mission objective. And if the mission objective was to take control of the country and make it a democracy by defeating the Taliban, then this most certainly was a mission failure.

For those who don’t know or don’t recall, Al-Qaeda was a was a totally different organization to the Taliban, the latter not being a terrorist organization but simply an Islamic fundamentalist tribal government system. There was a little bit of overlap, but not really.

I’m also disappointed that Paul isn’t being loud about the Venezuela issue. No one is really talking about that on the left or right, and if there was someone who would, it would be Paul.

I guess it doesn’t matter if anyone talks about it, because the matter has already been decided.