Rand Paul Threatens to Shut Down Trump’s Tariffs on Mexico Because Muh International Free Market

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2019

Libertarians are so absolutely worthless.

Rand Paul is saying nothing about these wars Trump is trying to start – but he’s right there to attack him for putting tariffs on Mexico, and to try to shut it down.


On Tuesday’s “CNN Right Now,” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) stated that there might be enough people to override a veto on a vote against President Trump’s proposed tariffs on Mexico and that “I can’t be for letting the president have all the power that the Constitution gave to Congress.”

Rand said, “I really do think that there may be enough numbers of people who think that we shouldn’t be allowing one person to make this decision, that we actually may have enough to override a veto on this.”

He continued that adding new tariffs “goes a long way towards destroying the trade deal that they were so proud of.”

This is implicitly an endorsement of the Mexican invasion, because Trump is claiming the only way to stop it is with these tariffs.

Libertarians are bad people.

Why is he not out there talking about Iran, Venezuela, and all the other countries Trump is trying to start wars with? Doesn’t that take precedence over international free trade globalism?

I don’t think he’s actually going to have to override any vetoes, because I don’t think Trump is going to follow through with them. His master Jared Kushner won’t allow it.