Rand Paul: “The Fraud Happened”

Anarcho-Libertarian Rand Paul went full on at the first (and presumably only) federal hearing on the election debacle, saying “fraud happened.”

Paul was speaking to Chris Krebs, the former Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the United States Department of Homeland Security. Krebs was fired by Donald Trump last month after bizarrely claiming that the 2020 presidential election, which relied heavily on mail-in ballots, was “the most secure election in US history.”

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“The courts haven’t decided the facts. They never looked at the facts,” Paul said. “The fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen and the only way it will be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws.”

It’s at first glance a powerful message that Paul is sending. But if you break it down, it loses some of its strength. Firstly, Paul appears to be accepting the results, which have put Joe Biden as the official “president elect.” He says he wants to stop fraud in the future. How can he possibly imagine that if Joe Biden and the Democrats take power through fraud, they won’t ensure that they are able to stay in power through fraud?

What’s more: the Democrats are going to legalize tens of millions of illegal Mexicans and give them full voting rights, which will mean they don’t even have to use fraud. It will be permanently impossible for a white heterosexual male, let alone a Republican, to ever win national office again.

Saying “we have to do better next time” is like telling someone who breaks their back rock climbing to “be more careful next time.” There isn’t going to be any next time.

Rand Paul should have been out there every day, like we were, denouncing the fraud.

That said: we should take note that if the steal goes through, Joe Biden is assuming office with it being acknowledged casually and universally that the election was fraudulent.

That is a good place for us to be in, all things considered.

The goal was always a split up of the country. I was talking about this on my blog in 2011, the first time anyone ever heard of me. That’s what we need to focus on.

There isn’t going to be a civil war.