Rand Paul Talks About His Weird Experience with Cave Goblin Fauci

Trust me, goyim – you’re all going to die from the flu!

It is so telling that every person who says things that I hate and am against is a woman, a Jew or a slimy little cave goblin like Anthony Fauci. Never in my life has the TV ever shown me a giga-chad saying things like “oh my gawd, the flu, it’s gonna kill us all, we have to shut down my economy, Leonard! It’s the flu Leonard, my gawd Leonard, the flu!”

At Fauci’s hearing on Tuesday before the Senate Flu Committee, Rand Paul gave the best speech, asking the slimy sewer rat what the hell his thing even is. Paul cited Sweden, he cited all data showing that children are at no risk. Of course the sticky salamander Fauci started talking about the “Kawasaki syndrome” hoax.

Fauci mentioned the Kawasaki hoax because he gets all of his news on this pandemic hoax from nytimes.com, and then just repeats it in his gay Jewish-sounding voice at government meetings.

Paul said that when we look back on this bizarre event, we’re going to see that experts were repeatedly wrong. What he didn’t say is that even more than Neil Ferguson himself, the greasy yard worm Fauci will be pointed at as one of the most wrong people ever.

Fauci has been so wrong that I’m thinking of naming my heavy metal band “The Anthony Fauci Numbers Machine.”

If I’d have been Rand Paul, I would have undermined this failure’s credibility. I would have said, “hey, aren’t you the same guy who said that HIV was going to spread to heterosexuals, and that it had nothing to do with homosexual behavior?”

He should have played this clip of this alleged genius scientist saying that it is “completely incorrect” that HIV is a “lifestyle phenomenon.”

How can we trust anything this LIAR says? Literally, his claim to fame is telling the country that normal heterosexuals were going to get AIDS. How many children were not ever conceived because of this hoax, because of Fauci telling high schoolers to wear condoms or they’ll get a deadly disease?

He’s already caused extreme harm to our country with his insane teen condoms drive, now he wants to keep children completely out of school, where they’re not going to meet anyone from the opposite sex, under the idiotic theory that coronavirus is dangerous to people under 65. Is his entire agenda to shut down human breeding?

Rand Paul appeared on Fox News after his confrontation with Fauci. Rand Paul we should note is himself going insane from being locked inside, just as all of us are.

The first comments were about the General Flynn plot that no one cares about anymore, where the Jogger-American president Barack Obama tried to overthrow the system. Paul then commented on the Fauci hoax, and pointed out that all of the experts have been so very wrong. He pointed out some of the previous predictions of Neil “BBW Lover” Ferguson, which you can find on his Wikipedia page. Ferguson said that 65,000 people would die from Swine Flu, and only 500 died. He said that 50,000 would die from mad cow disease, and only 177 died.

Just like Fauci, Ferguson is a professional hoaxster. These people get called in to make insane predictions of doom, governments say “hmm, interesting,” then nothing happens. Coronavirus is just the first situation where the government said, “hmm, interesting – SHUT IT ALL DOWN.”

I’ve not been the biggest fan of Rand Paul, but I do hope that he’ll take a more aggressive position in coming months and years. He’s certainly better than Ted Cruz, who has not spoken out against this hoax, but has spoken out against people thinking that the government holds some responsibility for destroying everyone’s businesses by forcing them to shut down.

It’s a difficult position for a libertarian to be in, because the damage has already been done by the government, so now the government does have a responsibility to take major action to deal with the fallout from what they’ve done to the country.