Rand Paul Questions New Jewish Secretary of State on His Plan to Start a Bunch of Wars

The Fake President Joe Biden nominated a Jew for Secretary of State.

The Jew, Anthony Blinken, of course supports regime change in Syria, as is the policy of his home country of Israel. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) questioned the Jew on this issue, and somehow failed to mention that it is the policy of his home country.

Paul mentioned that the Jew Blinken has a history of supporting regime change all throughout the Middle East and North Africa (all in line with the policy of his native country).

Paul began his time by questioning Blinken’s role in the NATO bombing of Libya in 2001, and his support for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Paul stated, factually, that the Iraq War was a total disaster.

Paul went on to say that the Jew continues to push for the removal of Bashir al-Assad in Syria, which Paul also says is a waste and not good.

Paul mentioned specifically the amount of money that former President Barack Obama, under whom Blinken served, spent training terrorists in Syria. Paul claimed that they spent $250 million to train 60 “rebels,” which he stated was a “waste” of money.

Paul asked why Blinken would support these terrorist groups, without ever noting that Blinken is Jewish.

Paul also noted that the number one group opposing Assad is the ISIS-linked terrorist group Al-Nusra Front, and wondered aloud if Blinken would support them.

Of course Blinken would support Al-Nusra; it is the policy of the Israeli government to aid them, as the ex-Mossad chief has admitted to Al-Jazeera.

The Jewish outlet VICE News sent that really ugly Russian Jew that works for them (I honestly don’t remember his name and don’t care) to film the Israeli hospital that was giving medical treatment to Al-Nusra, and he humanized the terrorist group.

So of course Blinken will support them. He’s Jewish.

Senator Paul also spoke of how the Jew Blinken supports “strengthening NATO” to fight Russia, again without mentioning that he is Jewish and that the Jews hate Russia, and have continually attempted revolutions in that country, the most famous of which was the Bolshevik revolution, which was entirely carried out by Jews.

It’s just shocking that this man’s Jewishness didn’t come up in the interrogation by Senator Paul – or anyone else at the hearing.

It’s shocking that the media doesn’t mention it.

Actually, the fact that no one in the media (or the Republican Party) ever mentions how many Jews Biden has nominated proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that we are under a foreign occupation by the Jewish people.

If Biden had nominated a Chinese national as Secretary of State, and he held a policy of invading Taiwan, do you think his Chinese nationality wouldn’t be mentioned?

You can make that analogy as silly as you want:

  • Imagine if Israel appointed a Syrian Secretary of State, who had a policy of allowing Assad to stay in power and returning the Golan Heights, and the Israeli media never mentioned that he was Syrian.
  • Imagine if Serbia appointed an Albanian Secretary of State, who had a policy of seceding any claim to Kosovo, and the Serbian media never mentioned that he was Albanian.
  • Imagine if China appointed a Tibetan Monk as Secretary of State, and he had a policy of “freeing Tibet from Chinese Communist occupation,” and while the guy was walking around in an orange robe, no one in the Chinese media mentioned the fact that he was a Tibetan Monk.

The Jew Blinken is literally a foreigner who is serving in our government in order to promote the agenda of his home country. We used to call such persons “spies.”

If it’s not a big deal that Blinken – and so many other Biden Administration officials – are Jewish, then why is it a secret?

The Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Homeland Security, Attorney General and White House Chief of Staff are now all Jewish.

If these people had been chosen at random, it is statistically impossible that this many of them would be Jewish. Jews are 2% of the American population.

If being Jewish is just a quirk, then surely, this incredible coincidence that Biden ended up appointing so many Jews is worthy of comment.

Jewishness Aside – How is No One Questioning the Wars Themselves?

For the record, I understand that Rand Paul is a politician (i.e., a professional coward and a liar), and isn’t going to endanger his career by mentioning that someone is Jewish. I am nonetheless glad that he made this Jew squirm by listing off all of his Jewish agendas. Surely, it doesn’t take much for someone watching Rand Paul list of this man’s support for all of these wars, and to then ask themselves: “hey, I wonder if that guy is Jewish?”

You would think that even though we’re banned from talking about Jews by the overwhelmingly Jewish media, that someone would say: “wait, why did Joe Biden appoint all these people that want to start all these wars?”

It’s just so crazy that Barack Obama ran on ending wars, then the man who served as Obama’s Vice President ran on there not being enough wars.

Is there even one person in America, who is not Jewish, who is sitting around thinking, “hey, you know what America needs right now – more wars”?

Of course, this isn’t crazier than anything else that is happening.

I’m actually exhausted by asking “how are people going along with this?” It’s obvious at this point that people will go along with literally anything.