Rand Paul Gives Obvious, Basic Bitch Talking Points on Assad Gas Hoax to Blitzer Wolf

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

I am officially never making fun of Rand Paul ever again.

Except for his appearance.

Because he is the single guy who is willing to go on American television and give the most basic, obvious facts about this gassing hoax, namely that there is no actual evidence that Assad did it or that it even happened, and more importantly, that it is totally insane to suggest that Assad would do this since the war is already over and Trump had announced he was pulling out troops.

No single individual has been willing to say this.

Save Saint Tucker himself.

Randy Rand the Goofy Goy really put the Jew Blitzer on the spot.

He is the only genuine anti-war politician in our government.

Except also Tulsi Gabbard.

Who did this exact bit with the Wolf LAST APRIL when there was ANOTHER GAS HOAX and a Trump ILLEGAL ATTACK on Assad SUPPORTED BY KIKES.

They should run together in 2020.

At least that would get these issues out in front.

This war shit is so insane it makes my head spin.

And it is the key issue.

Nothing else really matters if we go into WWIII.

But of course, there is an ongoing argument about whether or not WWIII would be a good thing, as many believe that I, Andrew Anglin, will in such a situation become the real life Negan.