Rand Derps Fauci – Lord of Reality Nearly Pops His Herp

Rand Paul had another pointless showdown with the Lord of Reality, Anthony Fauci.

It was pointless again, because Rand again refused to go to the core of the problem, and address the core issues.

Instead of addressing anything that matters – such as the fact that even if this virus exists, it only kills old people, or the numbers of dead from the vaxx, or the fact that 40-50% of Fauci’s own employees are refusing the vaxx – Rand instead started babbling about this Wuhan Lab hoax.

(Reminder: No one has asked him about this, to this day.)

The Wuhan Lab hoax is a hoax designed to make right-wingers believe in the vaxx. It’s also an exercise in changing the narrative, forcing liberals to go from believing something is a “conspiracy theory” into claiming that anyone who disagrees with it should be killed.

I still see right-wingers believing in this dumb hoax, incapable of recognizing the implication – that it means you have to believe in the deadly virus, which is a reason to get vaxxed. Instead, they are still fixated, like stupid children, on the fact that the media “admitted Trump was right.” In actual reality, the media did not “admit” anything. They just changed what they were saying. No one forced them to change what they were saying – they just decided to do it.

Rand did say that Fauci lied to Congress under oath, which is true, so maybe in that way this is somewhat interesting, but it is a minor issue.

Frankly, I thought they were going to throw Fauci under the bus earlier, and replace him with some other shill for the next phase of this hoax, given that he is so tarnished. (The UK recently threw their top virus hoaxer under the bus.) But apparently, Fauci is still polling high. If the Democrats want him to remain, he will remain, because we live in a totally lawless society, and there is no one that can charge him with anything.

Rand is the best Senator, probably by a lot, and that really shows you how horrible our situation is in terms of this government. Just imagine Ted Cruz.

It will be interesting to see if Rand stands up against the agenda to invade Cuba to give them hardcore freedom that the rest of the Republicans are pushing.