RAM Guys Who Refused to Take Plea Deals Have Charges Dropped!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

The Rise Above Movement (RAM) was pulled up on completely fake charges, after an FBI agent copied and pasted antifa blog posts into a criminal filing. And it looked like they were all going to be railroaded into serious prison terms.

They’re not.

And this is fantastic news.

But do not let this make you believe that justice exists in America. 

This is a fluke, or the grace of God, and a fuck-up on the part of the DOJ, who didn’t expect any of the RAM guys to call their bluff and refuse to take a deal.

Courthouse News:

A federal judge in Los Angeles dropped all charges against three men charged with inciting riots across California as part of a white nationalist group, finding their actions were protected speech.

In a written ruling, U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney said the statute the men were charged under, the Anti-Riot Act, is “unconstitutionally overbroad in violation of the First Amendment.”

Cormac Carney is white, and that is the only reason this happened. 

“It is easy to champion free speech when it advocates a viewpoint with which we agree. It is much harder when the speech promotes ideas that we find abhorrent. But an essential function of free speech is to invite dispute,” wrote Carney in his ruling.

In court on Monday, prosecutors urged Carney to carve out sections of the statute to hold the men accountable for their overt acts of inciting and participating in violence at a rally in Berkeley, California, in April 2017.

But Carney agreed with the facial challenge to the Anti-Riot Act brought by the defense, noting prosecutions under the law that was established in 1968 are rare.

Eason’s attorney John McNicholas said the charges the men faced – conspiracy to commit rioting and travel or use of interstate commerce with intent to riot – did not pertain to the actual physical violence that took place in Berkeley. That rally spiraled into a melee, but McNicholas said the indictment focused on conversations the men had on phones, computers and on the drive to Northern California.

“It is about assembly,” said McNicholas.

Deputy public defender Julia Deixler said the Anti-Riot Act covers a wide range of verbs.

“We can imagine how all these verbs cover lawful assembly and speech,” Deixler said in court.

Outside the courtroom, Eason – flanked by his family – declined to comment. McNicholas said, “The law can’t go and suppress everyone’s First Amendment Rights,” adding: “People who commit crimes will continue to be punished.”

Deixler and criminal defense attorney Peter Swarth, representing Boman and Rundo, did not comment after the hearing.

Members of the white supremacist group Rise Above Movement (RAM) were arrested on charges of plotting riots and inciting violence across the Golden State in 2017. One member of the group, Tyler Laube, pleaded guilty to the charge while the other three, Robert Rundo, Robert Boman and Aaron Eason were ordered released on Monday.

Carney told the three men in court to move away from “violence and hate.”

“I don’t care what idiots Antifa are,” Carney told Boman and Rundo, referring to the conglomerate of militant antifascist groups. “You’re both young men. You don’t want to be in custody for years.”

Carney noted he expects Laube to follow up on the order dismissing the charges since he’d already pleaded guilty. He also declined a request by prosecutors to stay the dismissal while they put together an appeal.

A “Make American Great Again” rally on a beach turned violent when RAM members attacked several counterprotesters and journalists. RAM members chased people off the beach and continued to attack them in the parking lot, prosecutors said.

Rundo, Boman, Eason and Laube were arrested this past October and charged with organizing and participating in riots across the state.

In a written order, Carney urged the government to find other ways to “prevent and punish” the actions of groups like RAM.

“Make no mistake that it is reprehensible to throw punches in the name of teaching Antifa some lesson. Nor does the court condone RAM’s hateful and toxic ideology. But the government has sufficient means at its disposal to prevent and punish such behavior without sacrificing the First Amendment,” Carney wrote.”


The horrible thing is that some of them took plea deals and so are going to serve sentences.

This article only mentions Tyler Laube, but four others pled guilty to basically the same charges back in early May.

No one can blame them for not expecting justice in America. This was completely unexpected.

God bless them all.

The bravery these men showed – both those who pled and those who didn’t – certainly does look bad on a certain fat piece of shit who snitched to the feds and gave them a video that was presumably going to be used in the case against RAM. A fat piece of shit that informed to Agent Dino Cappuzzo, the very same FBI agent that wrote the antifa criminal complaint against RAM. A fat piece of shit who doxed right-wingers to the Jewish media. A fat piece of shit who recently got other right-wingers kicked off the internet by working with Jared Holt to defame them. A fat piece of shit who recently used registration info on his website to dox his own visitors in an attempt to get their lives ruined because they made fun of him.

The very same fat piece of shit that a certain group of traitors recently decided to integrate into their operation, presumably for the purpose of getting their followers called up on federal charges. I certainly can’t think of any other reason anyone would do that.

This is all very, very serious business, and RAM could have been sent away for a long time, literally for doing nothing other than being patriotic Americans who defended themselves and others from a violent mob of communist terrorists.

So imagine the damage that can be done by a group that is actively working with feds to entrap you.

Every one of you has to take this seriously. Do not go into the street and fight antifa. Do not be connected to people who claim that this is a good idea, after all that we’ve seen. Those people are trying to destroy your life.

And if you know anyone who is associated with a federal informant, you must consider them to be a de facto federal informant. Likewise, anyone who is associated with someone who is associated with a federal informant should be considered a federal informant.

Stay the hell away from these people. 

Don’t give them your name, do not show them your face, do not meet them in real life.

We are at the beginning of the biggest federal crackdown in American history. The RAM guys only got off because of a perfect storm:

  • They were not directly set up by a federal informant
  • The case was rushed and sloppy
  • They didn’t take a plea deal
  • They got a white judge who believes in the Constitution

The feds are not going to make that mistake again. Charges in the future are going to be less willy-nilly, and they are going to be much more about actively entrapping you.

And they are going to make sure the judges in these cases aren’t white.

If they find out who you are, they are going to swarm you, get a warrant to spy on you, go through your entire life and send people to set you up.

If you are involved with a group that is involving federal informants in their operations, the feds will find out who you are, they will get warrants to go through all of your online activity, then they will send in informants to entrap you.

After RAM getting off, the Jewish DOJ is going to be out for revenge, and out for blood, and they are coming. Within weeks, you are going to hear of more charges. The only people who they won’t go after are assets.

This is a very old playbook. We have an entire history of the way in which the feds infiltrated and destroyed pro-white groups all through the 80s and 90s – and somehow, there are people out there now who are pretending they don’t know this. Who are setting up young guys to take a fall.

The path forward is to continue to make people aware of the Jewish problem, and to act locally with normal people – not anti-social weirdos involved in neo-Nazi fringe behavior. Anyone who claims that these street tantrums and street fights are a good idea is trying to harm you. Anyone who tells you to associate with federal informants is trying to harm you.

Be extra double careful, always.

I want you all to be strong, successful men, who are able to build healthy lives and serve the cause in the future. Do everything you can to be successful. Work hard. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Be physically strong and healthy. Learn how to dress right. Learn how to deal with people and be social. Get a good job. Have kids.

Be the ideal man so that you are able to provide real aid to the white race when it is needed, and be involved in your own community, not with a bunch of lunatics from the internet.

Do not throw your life away by getting involved with feds or people who might as well be feds.