PODCAST: Ralph Retort with Special Guest Jimmy Chang, Chinese Lawyer

Daily Stormer
October 15, 2019

The only thing better than Salma Hayek Gifs is this podcast.

I joke, I joke.

It’s like my grandpappy used to say “son, the only thing in this world better than Salma Hayek gifs ain’t nothin, for there ain’t no such thing.”



Among the features:

Fun times for all.

Please share this with your friends. This is history being made here, folks.

To share the show on social media, use this link.

That link also has all of the information about following Ralph, which you should do.

His show is this good five days a week.

You can catch him live, in actual fact, on Dlive.tv/theralphretort, Monday through Friday at 9:30 PM EST.

Sign up for that website, it’s great. PewDiePie streams on there and I think owns half the site. It’s way more fun than YouTube and with many more freedoms.

Ralph’s co-host Bibble (pronounced “Bible,” because he is black) can also be found at Dlive.tv/bibble.

Nick Fuentes is on there, Dlive.tv/nickjfuentes.

That’s the same site you can find our own Azzmador, at Dlive.tv/azzmador.

And Brittany Venti streams there a lot too, Dlive.tv/BrittanyVenti, although lately she’s been emo and rude tbh.

And since I’ve already listed a black, a Mexican boy and a quadroon, I might as well shout out my favorite Based Black Guy, Jesse Lee Peterson, dlive.tv/JesseLeePeterson.

Really, the site is a lot of fun. I often just go click around random stuff on the front page and find interesting things.

You can even stream yourself, for free, and they have their own crypto token.

Just respect the rules, don’t say nigger or faggot or any of the other words in that vein, be social (as opposed to anti-social), and their team is really reasonable.