Radio Stormer: ‘Procedural Analysis’ with Simon Sheppard Part I

Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

Simon Sheppard

Simon Sheppard is the owner of Heretical Press and

He applied the methods of evolutionary psychology to studying women and their interactions with men and came up with a novel theory which he calls ‘Procedural Analysis.’

With this theory even the most illogical actions that women make when responding to men can be explained as either benefiting them as an individual or a group.

Through studying female strategies Simon discovered much about women that will be of huge benefit to men.

He was 20 years ahead of the manosphere and the internet is now starting to reflect the same conclusions he arrived at in his scientific endeavour.

In Part 1 Simon gives a brief history of Heretical Press and how things stand today, before explaining some of the methods and results of his research.

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