Radio Host Ethan Ralph Releases Sex Tape to Mixed Reviews

On Tuesday, Joe Biden’s announcement that he’d chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate was unfortunately overshadowed by news that internet radio show host Ethan Ralph had released a sex tape. The tape, featuring The Ralph Retort host and his 18-year-old girlfriend Faith, was panned in many sectors while being celebrated in others.

The scandalous bit of footage, which was posted to the website Kiwi Farms, initially appeared on Instagram. While recording his show on air, Ralph sent the video to the ex-boyfriend of the woman featured in the segment. It is unclear if Ralph meant for the tape to become public because he thought it was funny, or if he’d expected that the unidentified ex-boyfriend would keep it to himself.

Posting to Twitter when the bombshell hit, Ralph claimed that he did not leak it, and added unrealistically that this would be his final comment on the matter.

While the mystery of the origins of the video will likely continue, even though there is no actual mystery, what isn’t mysterious is the response to the video, which has been heavily mixed.

“The Sniff Heard Round the World”

One of the most controversial aspects of the sex tape is that it features a part where Ralph apparently sticks his thumb into the woman’s butthole and sniffs it. This feature in the film caused many viewers to “abort” their attempts to masturbate to the tape. 

“I was into it and really jiving and vibing until the part where he sticks his finger in her butthole and sniffs it,” said a prominent porn addict on Twitter.

Others said that they could have done without “the sniff heard round the world,” but many thought it was not a big deal.

“I was surprised that people were surprised by the butt sniffing,” said one internet masturbator. “I’ve never had sex myself, but if I ever do, you can bet I’ll be sniffing that ass.”

“The Best Fap of My Life”

While some complained about the butt-sniffing and fatness, others on the internet enjoyed the sex tape.

“The first time I watched it, I came hard,” said Milton Ratbone, a masturbator and fan of The Ralph Retort. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that this was the best fap of my life. There’s just something really fun about watching your favorite radio host get down and dirty.”

“Fap” is internet slang for “masturbation.”

Commenters on Ralph’s DLive channel also gave the video a mixed reception.

Unfortunately, Ralph skipped his show on Tuesday night, when many were hoping to hear his take on the sex tape, and to respond to the various reviews it has received.

A History of Controversy

Ralph is no stranger to controversy, having gone to jail for a year in 2016 for punching a cop in Virginia.

The Ralph Retort is a prominent internet drama show, and Ralph regularly involves himself in the drama. He hosts people with various “beefs” with one another, but does not keep his own beefs a secret.

While many people are saying that the sex tape will “destroy” Ralph’s career, crisis management professional and image consultant Andrew Anglin said that he does not see any way that the sex tape could do anything other than help him in his endeavors.

“Ralph has made a career off of drama, and all this sex tape does is add to the drama. I don’t even understand what these people saying that it will hurt him are even talking about, but I suspect they are not particularly familiar with Ralph or his show,” Anglin said. “No element of this does anything other than boost his viewership, and solidify his position as an infamous internet personality.”

However, Anglin warned that there is one way the sex tape could end up hurting him.

“If he takes it too seriously, and lets the people making fun of him get to him, then he could slip up and lose control of his life and of his show. He should probably bring on Dick Masterson to help him joke about this, instead of attempting to play it off like nothing happened.”

Anglin added that he predicted that Ralph would spin out of control in a drunken mania over a year ago when Ralph became involved with Alcoholics Anonymous. He warned Ralph at the time that the AA program always leads to drunken insanity.

“Ralph was having some problems. He was drinking too much. This was back in 2018. So, instead of just saying, ‘okay, I’m going to drink less,’ he joined AA, and I knew that would lead to disaster,” Anglin said. “I was on his show, shortly after he started AA, and I told him, ‘this is going to come back on you, you’re going to end up a drunken mess. But he didn’t want to listen. So, he did the AA thing, and then failed like everyone does, now he’s a drunken disaster posting sex tapes.

“Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a drunken disaster if you’re an internet personality. It’s just whatever. He just needs to keep on riding until the wheels come off. A hilarious sex tape getting posted does not amount to the wheels coming off.”

“The Show is Doomed Anyway”

After discussion of the sex tape, Anglin continued talking to this reporter, and noted that he believes “the show is doomed anyway, the sex tape has nothing to do with anything.”

The reason the show is doomed? According to Anglin, it is the decision by Ralph to allow Andy Warski on the program.

“Warski is filth. He is not funny. He is not smart or clever. He adds absolutely nothing to the show, and in fact makes it unbearable to listen to. I used to listen every night, and then he started having Warski on, and I had to turn it off. At this point, I only listen here and there when I know there is a show that Warski isn’t on.

“Actually, when I first realized that Warski was being featured as a regular host, I just couldn’t even believe it was real. Then I decided that Warski must be blackmailing Ralph. When the sex tape dropped, I hoped and prayed that Ralph dropped the sex tape so Warski couldn’t blackmail him anymore.

“Warski adds zero value, whatsoever. He makes the show unlistenable. He is using what Ralph built to enrich himself, sending viewers to his own channel. Being involved with Andy Warski is a much more egregious drunken mistake than posting a sex tape, by a long shot, and this is what will ultimately destroy Ralph’s career. I literally can’t even listen anymore. Andy Warski ruined my favorite show.”