Racists Sentence Oppressed Victim Suge Knight to 28 Years for Accidental Car Accident

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2018

Suge Knight spent his entire life trying to promote peace and good values in the black community.

Then he has one little car accident, and the entire white supremacist justice system engages in a conspiracy to destroy him.

I am absolutely outraged.



A judge has sentenced Marion “Suge” Knight to 28 years in prison nearly four years after the former rap mogul killed a man with his truck.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Coen handed down the sentence as expected Thursday for running over and killing businessman Terry Carter outside a Compton burger stand in 2015.

Ronald S. Coen.

That right there is a white supremacist KKK name if I ever heard one.

Might as well be “Alex Jones.”

Members of Carter’s family addressed the court including daughter Crystal, who called Knight “a disgusting, selfish disgrace to the human species.”

Surprised the KKK member Coen allowed testimony referring to a black man as a member of the “human species.”

Knight stared forward throughout.

Knight avoided a murder trial that was about to begin when he agreed two weeks ago to plead no contest to voluntary manslaughter and accept the sentence.

The Death Row Records co-founder appeared in court for the sentencing wearing orange prison attire with chains on his arms and legs alongside Albert Deblanc Jr., his 16th lawyer in the case.

This is a travesty.

Death Row did more to build up black communities than anyone ever did ever.

Just watch this documentary.

He should be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

I also was going to offer him as a job managing my staff. As I’m having staff management problems, and need a guy with his particular school set.

I might try to bust him out of prison with a helicopter, and as part of the deal he has to manage DS, while I can chill as editor-in-chief.