Racists Outraged That Black School Shooter is Partying Out on Bail While Victims in Hospital

Racists don’t want to accept that it is now black people’s turn to party.


The 18-year-old student who was arrested earlier this week for shooting three people at a high school near Dallas has stirred online outrage by enjoying a welcome home party after posting bail after less than one day in jail.

Timothy George Simpkins was restricted to home confinement and drug and alcohol testing under terms of his $75,000 bail, but that didn’t stop him from partying with family members after getting home from Tarrant County Jail on Thursday. Photos and a video clip from the party were even posted on social media.

Where’s the remorse?” former NBCUniversal executive Mike Sington asked on Friday in a Twitter post. “Teenage Arlington, Texas, school shooter Timothy Simpkins parties at home with his family while his victims remain in the hospital.” And as Sington noted, the video was posted with smiling heart emojis and a mood caption saying, “He’s home that quick.”

Simpkins faces three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

During a fight with a 15-year-old student at Arlington’s Timberview High School on Thursday morning, he allegedly retrieved a gun from his backpack and shot that boy four times.

A female student was grazed by a bullet, and 25-year-old teacher Calvin Pettit was shot in the back, narrowly missing his aorta. A pregnant teacher was injured in a fall in the chaotic scene that resulted from the shooting. The 15-year-old is reportedly in critical condition at a hospital and is in a medically induced coma.

Family members said Simpkins was a bullying victim and was repeatedly beaten, threatened and robbed at Timberview. Kim T. Cole, a lawyer representing the family, urged media outlets to “correct their narrative” because the incident wasn’t a “standard-issue” school shooting. “This was not someone who was just out to go and shoot a school and had made up their mind, ‘you know, hey, I’m upset, and I’m just going to shoot anyone I see.’”

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