Racist Socrates: Everyone Believes that Negroes are Inferior

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2014

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The great Socrates, deep in contemplation.

The Daily Stormer is proud to announce the discovery of a new ancient Greek text. In this text, Socrates, the great philosopher, debates Antifon, an ancient Greek ancestor of today’s multiculturalists, on the topic of Negro intelligence. We were not at all surprised that Socrates agrees with our position, and we are pleased to provide the very first English translation of this remarkable find.

Setting: a street in Athens.

SOCRATES: Good day, Antifon, I see that you have recently come from the law courts.

ANTIFON: Indeed I have, Socrates, and when I was there, I ran into your student Plato, who related to me the most remarkable thing.

SOCRATES: And what was that?

ANTIFON: That you, Socrates, claim that all men believe Negroes to be inferior in intelligence.

SOCRATES: Then Plato has accurately related my position.

ANTIFON: But Socrates, how can this be? It seems obvious that when it comes to the question of Negro intelligence, there are two distinct camps: those evil racists who claim that intelligence is determined by ancestry, and those, like myself, who claim that all races are equal in intelligence.
How can you possibly say that all men believe Negroes to be less intelligent, when I myself claim that all races are equal?

SOCRATES: Ah, I can see your difficulty Antifon. If you are willing to submit to a few simple questions, I believe that we can clarify the situation.

ANTIFON: Of course I am not afraid of debate, and will gladly answer your questions.

SOCRATES: Good, then tell me, Antifon, what causes Negro academic failure?

ANTIFON: Why racism, of course. Negroes lacks the same resources as white people and grow up disadvantaged.

SOCRATES: Then according to you, Negroes, through no fault of their own, receive a poor education when they are young, and they fail academically because of nurture, but not nature.

ANTIFON: Exactly!

SOCRATES: And you maintain that intelligence is not related at all to ancestry, and is only affected by the quality of one’s upbrining and education?


SOCRATES: Then you agree with the following statement: an intelligent man is one who was brought up well and received a good education.

ANTIFON: Yes, I agree.

SOCRATES: And you would also agree that an unintelligent man is one who received a poor education?


SOCRATES: But don’t you see, Antifon? Just a few seconds ago you said that Negroes receive a poor eduction, and now you have agreed that an unintelligent man is one who receives a poor education.  Therefore you must admit that you too believe that Negroes are unintelligent!

ANTIFON: No, not at all Socrates! I maintain that Negroes receive a poor education because of racism, because of evil white people.

SOCRATES: But we are not discussing WHY Negroes are unintelligent, we are discussing whether or not they are so.

ANTIFON: Socrates, you don’t seem to understand. Maybe I was too careless in agreeing that intelligence is the same thing as education. It’s true that Negroes don’t receive a good education, but that doesn’t make them less intelligent. Rather than equating intelligence with education, I would say that intelligence is a kind of potential that all people have, and that education cultivates this potential and makes it bloom.

SOCRATES: So Negroes and whites have the same intelligence (which you now define as “potential”), but this intelligence is not developed to the same degree?


SOCRATES: Then tell me, this intelligence, this undeveloped potential, how is it observed?

ANTIFON: I’m not sure that I understand, Socrates.

SOCRATES: Let’s assume that we all have an equal intellectual potential at birth, but that some of us, through education, have a more developed potential. Let’s say that a mathematician is someone who has developed his mathematical potential. We would observe this developed potential by pointing out that this man can score higher on math tests. Do you follow?

ANTIFON: Yes, I think so.

SOCRATES: Good. Likewise, if a man had developed his mechanical potential, then he would be better at building machines than the rest of us. Don’t you see that this developed potential can be observed, but that your mysterious undeveloped potential cannot be observed? What observable evidence is there to suggest that everyone has an equal potential?

ANTIFON: I’m sure, Socrates, that if it weren’t for all the racism, we’d be able to observe this equal potential quite easily.

SOCRATES: You seem unwilling to listen to reason on this point, but nevermind. Let’s return to your definition of intelligence as undeveloped potential. Is it fair to say that, according to you, whites are superior to Negroes in developed potential, but they are equal in undeveloped potential at the time of birth?

ANTIFON: Socrates, I really don’t like this talk of “superior” and “inferior”. Don’t you see how racist these words are?

SOCRATES: Come now, Antifon, let’s not get distracted. Give me a straight answer: If whites and Negroes are not given equal educations, is it possible that they are equal in developed potential?


SOCRATES: So you admit that Negroes are inferior to whites in developed potential?


SOCRATES: And you remember, of course, that you defined intelligence as potential?


SOCRATES: Therefore, you believe that Negroes are inferior in developed intelligence.

ANTIFON: It would seem so.

SOCRATES: But when we use the word “intelligence”, what do we usually mean? Do we mean potential intelligence or developed intelligence? If you were comparing an average man and a brilliant mathematician, and someone asked you “which of these two men is more intelligent when it comes to mathematics?”, would you respond “well, they are equally intelligent in all areas, because they have equal potential”, or would you respond, “the mathematician is more intelligent when it comes to mathematics”?

ANTIFON: I suppose I would say the mathematician is more intelligent.

SOCRATES: In fact, by your definition of intelligence as potential at birth, you would be forced to say not only that all races are equal in intelligence, but that all men are equal in intelligence!

ANTIFON: It would seem so.

SOCRATES: But how could it be that all men are equal in intelligence? In that case wouldn’t the word “intelligence” be completely meaningless? Either you must admit that Negroes are inferior in intelligence, or you must deny that such a thing as “intelligence” even exists.

ANTIFON: Socrates, I’m getting quite fed up with your evil racism. These words of yours are very dangerous, and almost certainly violate our hatespeech laws. I will be sure to report you to the Athenian human rights commission.

The manuscript breaks off here. As we all know, Socrates was ultimately executed by the Athenian state for his devotion to the truth. Let us hope that the same fate does not befall us.