Racist Skinhead Leader Joe Biden to Restrict Travel from India (Skin Hatred)

I was certain that to ever restrict travel from a nonwhite country was racist skin hatred.

I was told that by Joe Biden, actually.


The Biden administration will restrict travel from India starting on Tuesday on the advice of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a White House official told CNN.

“The policy was implemented in light of extraordinarily high Covid-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating in India,” a White House official said.

The new policy will take effect at 12:01 am ET Tuesday.

The policy won’t apply to American citizens, lawful permanent residents or other people with exemptions. As with all international travelers, individuals who fit that criteria traveling from India must still test negative prior to leaving the country, quarantine if they have not been vaccinated and test negative again upon reentering the US from India.

We still don’t know what’s going on in India – are they just massively exaggerating and miscounting the deaths, as has happened all over the world?

Peter Hitchens has offered this view, and he’s pretty much always on the ball.

Or – conversely – are the Indians dying from the vaxx on a large scale?

As I recently wrote, some Indians are dying from the vaxx, and some vaxx critical Indians believe these numbers are large.

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In general, the vaxx is not like, killing everyone. It does seem to be significantly increasing deaths in every country, by a kind of wild margin, but they are trying to vaxx everyone, so the actual percentage of deaths from it are low.

Most likely, these are accidental. I think they want to sterilize people with the vaxx, perhaps genetically engineer them, and also shorten their life spans. Sometime in the not distant future, there will be a new fake plague, which will actually be the genetic time-bomb implanted in these vaxx.

Any real increase in death in India is vaxx oriented. But it may well be that they are just counting a bunch of other deaths, and just taking pictures of the normal mass body burnings that India has always had, in order to drum up fear.

Again: probably a mix: some death increase from the vaxx, then mass exaggeration.