Racist New York Cops Arrest Black Lives Matter Activist Who Fought Back Against Rick Moranis

It will come as no shock to those who have been following the unfolding white supremacy in the police that yet another innocent black man has been arrested by racist cops for literally no reason.

NBC News:

A 35-year-old man was arrested Saturday in the New York City attack on actor Rick Moranis of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” fame, authorities said.

Suspect Marquis Ventura was spotted by transit officers in the subway system near 72nd Street and Broadway, a few blocks from where the Oct. 1 assault took place at Central Park West near 70th Street, Sgt. Anwar Ishmael said.

Police did not identify the victim as Moranis but referred to the assault outside the actor’s Upper West Side building. Moranis was punched by a man in an “I Love NY” sweatshirt, and the assault was captured on security video.

Moranis, 67, hit the ground after the punch and later took himself to a hospital. It did not appear the actor did anything to provoke his assailant.

Police said Ventura was apprehended and later arrested on suspicion of assault in the second degree, which includes the allegation that he had “intent to cause serious physical injury to another person.”

There is nothing more dastardly than seeing these evil white cops putting hands on this innocent black child.

In the video of the supposed “attack,” you can see that Moranis, who is a white supremacist with possible links to the Proud Boys, was in the middle of oppressing the young Black Lives Matter activist Marquis when Marquis defended himself.

If you needed a reason to defund the police, look no further than this situation right here.

Marquis is a good boy, he’s an activist, he’s fighting for equality. And he is arrested for no reason by cops, simply for attempting to establish equality.

Frankly, I’m really shocked that Michelle Obama hasn’t come out and supported Marquis. The young activist needs bail. He is currently in white custody, being abused for no reason other than that they hate the color of his skin.