Racist Inside Edition Baits Victimized Black Lives Matter Activist (Good Boy) Into Robbery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2018

This is called “entrapment.”

What it is also called is “racist Nazi hatred for the color of the skin.”

The Chosen Person Les Moonves resigns from CBS, and the next fucking day they go full-Nazi.

This is what you have to understand about the goyim: if they do not have a Chosen Person ruling over them with an iron fist, they will immediately revert to their natural state of rampaging skin-hatred.

SF Gate:

A television production crew investigating the car break-in issue in San Francisco inadvertently played themselves when thieves broke into not just a bait car, but the camera crew’s vehicle as well.

Inside Edition, a CBS-affiliated news program, brought a car to Alamo Square with a Michael Kors purse and a $250 speaker in plain view inside. Both items had been fitted with GPS tracking devices. As anticipated, the car was broken into by a woman and a man soon after they parked. The crime, they later noted after reviewing footage, took about 20 seconds.

The two allegedly fled to a bus before ending up at the 16th Street Mission BART station, where Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero approached the man. Speaker still in hand, the man then attempted to head into BART.

“Five million people are gonna see you steal that,” Guerrero said on camera. “So you can choose to give it back or not.”

Five million people are going to see that you’re a hater of the skin color of dark-skinned persons of color, and set them up.

This show was clearly and obviously designed to make it look like black people are criminals, when the true reality is that they are good boys who are going to school and trying to get their lives back on track.

This bitch is literally hunting niggers like she’s the KKK in the 1990s.

The KKK lynching a BLM activist in 1997 (not colorized)

O Les Moonves, where art thou?

After being further pressed, the man told Guerrero he was going to call his mother before putting the speaker down on the BART platform and walking away. Guerrero later traced the purse to a garbage can nearby on Mission Street.

The reporter later caught up with an Alamo Square resident whose surveillance camera caught the break-in. But, to Guerrero’s shock, the story continued; Inside Edition’s camera crew van was broken into while she was conducting an interview inside the neighbor’s residence.


And you know who did that?

Well, actually that was also blacks.

But it could have been anyone. White people or perhaps Chinamen.

Crime has no color. Every race commits the same amount of car-robberies in San Francisco. If that isn’t true, it’s because of the schools, or the cops, or the national anthem or something.