“Racism” Meme on Life Support

Justin Thyme
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2014

The worst thing ever.
The worst thing ever/pure hatred.

From my vantage point as a middle-aged racially aware European-American, it appears that the oft-thrown epithet of “racism” is on life support.

In days before my time, this charge of “racism” may have had merit. There were in American history many examples of disparate treatment meted out to certain people on account of their skin pigmentation: sending black people to the back of the bus, interning loyal Japanese-Americans and offering cash payment for the scalps of dead Indians. Even if this was exaggerated, the claims had at least some merit.

But now that this sort of ugly treatment is something of the past. Because of my pro-White advocacy and my dogged determination that there be a future worth living for my two children and White children everywhere, I have been labelled a “racist” even by self-proclaimed “conservatives.” With truth in labelling in mind. I feel the term should alternatively be written “con”-servative with the emphasis on “con.” These people worship the Founding Fathers, but conveniently overlook that a good many of them (e.g. G. Washington, P. Henry, T. Jefferson et al) viewed black people as mere agricultural implements akin to a draft horse and owned a great many (app. 2000 in the case of Washington). That “con”-servatives cling to these men like Linus to his blanket while ignoring their “racism” truly makes them “con”-men who “serve” their own agenda and financial enrichment.

Republicans continue to search for blacks who share their "conservative" beliefs, as it gives them an opportunity to prove they aren't evil racists.
Republicans continue to search for blacks who share their “conservative” beliefs, as it gives them an opportunity to prove they aren’t evil racists.

So, in their opinion, I’m a “racist.” That’s fine. If adults my age or older want to engage in childish name calling instead of addressing the pertinent issues of the day I can’t stop their adolescent behavior. I’ve never owned black people like the Founding Fathers did, nor do I promote the superiority of one race over another, yet they’ll be happy to go along and call me a “white supremacist” if it gets them a few browny points from the liberals.

Really there doesn’t seem to be a dime’s bit of difference between these “con”-servative and their faux “liberal” opponents. I’m an adult, a college grad and an Army veteran. If I could handle basic training and screaming drill sergeants, I certainly can handle their feeble name-calling. My children’s future is non-negotiable, Mr. Conservative. Unlike you I have an unshakable core, better known as a back bone.

“Racism” nowadays doesn’t exist as a state policy. On an individual and private basis, yes. Nobody can argue that these black flash mobs beating up individual White people aren’t crude examples of “racism.” Truth be told, approximately 85% of the estimated yearly 1.2 million interracial crimes involve a white victim and a black perpetrator. But regarding contemporary public policy, “racism” is no more than an excuse that non-whites use when they can’t adequately compete against Whites for the expenditure of social resources, be it college admissions, promotions or general success at life.

If Tyrone can’t get a job as a firefighter because he scored low on the entrance exam, he is encouraged to blame “racism” rather than his lack of commitment to scholarship and attending school. If Tamika isn’t promoted to supervisor because she has a history of being late to work or failing in her workplace duties, she is encouraged to scream “racism” rather than improving her work ethic. In this regard, the current “racist” campaign hurts blacks and other non-Whites, because it encourages blame-shifting rather than self-critique. When one fails to take responsibility for his own shortcomings, there is little possibility for personal improvement. Maybe that’s what these white “liberals” really secretly desire for the black man.

People are different, and that has nothing to do with any vague, slanderous terminology.
People are different, and that has nothing to do with any vague, slanderous terminology.

In my estimation the “Racism Campaign” is on empty. In just the past week I noticed two news stories which must be described as “the last racist stand on Fiji.”

At the elite Dartmouth College in New Hampshire (current yearly tuition $46,274 if you don’t receive a “minority” scholarship) there is the news that a joint fundraising party to benefit a cardiac treatment facility has been called off due to “racism.”

The Phi Delta Alpha fraternity and the Alpha Phi sorority were jointly planning this fundraising soiree and were advertising it as the “Phi-esta,” a clever take on the Spanish word “fiesta”. Apparently, a Dartmouth student born in Mexico took offense at the use of this word by White individuals. Okay, I get it. Under the current “rules of society” (undemocratically made and enforced by our PC Lords and Masters but supported by “con”-servatives who espouse democracy and the rule of law) black people are free to call themselves “niggers,” but if a white person utters the word, even in a thirty year old court document (think: Paula Dean) it’s time to burn them at the stake. For reasons of professionalism, I think “nigger” is a word to avoid and even though I have been called a “racist” and “white supremacist” by “con”-servatives; I’ve never directed the word at a person with a darker hue than mine.

But come on, fiesta? This is a word that comes out of Spain, a European land. Ultimately, the word goes back to the Latin festum. Perhaps those Spanish conquistadors were wrong to teach their language to the native Indians of Mexico and South America. Who’s to say?

So, this Phi-esta was to feature Mexican food. I’ve certainly had my fair share of this cuisine over the years. In fact, my college dining hall occasionally put on “Mexican night,” where they served us impressionable undergrads a heaping quantity of this delicious multicultural food. But back in 1989 when I graduated things were different and the “Racist Campaign” never called this “racist” because they weren’t so desperate to keep their campaign alive. I guess in 1989 there was still the occasional klan march or some uneducated White person uttering “nigger” in public.

There was nothing said of “Mexican night” by the enlightened elite of my college. They were too busy occupying the campus bookstore to ensure that it didn’t sell dictionaries containing an entry for the word “nigger” or complaining that our sports team should not be called “The Tribe,” since that was undoubtedly insensitive to Indians. But weren’t there 12 non-Indian tribes of Israel in the Holy Bible?

People who know me well know that I am a fan of the Beatles and other classic 60’s rock music. Since I have been labelled a “racist” by “con”-servatives few will believe I am telling the truth when I say that one of my favorite period songs was “The Happening” by Diana Ross and the Supremes. I’m afraid that my favorite version is still in Black & White. Hope that doesn’t spur another charge of “racism” against me!

Now, there is this 3rd rate pop singer known as Avril Lavigne. In my opinion the flatulence of Diana Ross would outdo the singing ability of Avril, but my opinion is beside the point. We are hearing that her new song “Hello Kitty” is “racist” because there are young Japanese women dancing behind her in the video.

No, I’m not going to patronize Avril’s garbage by watching the video. But in her defense against being “racist” she says that she spends a lot of time in Japan and is a big fan of their culture. For the record, I too am a big fan of Japanese culture, but don’t have Avril’s fortune to travel the world. Going to Japan is on my bucket list.

If I were able to bring back just one person from the dead it would be Karen Carpenter, who passed away well before her time in 1983. Richard and Karen Carpenter spent a lot of time in Japan and are well known for their rendition of “Sing” with Japanese children. How dare Karen stand in front of Japanese children!

But back in 1974, nobody called this “racist” because the “Racist Campaign” still had a fair amount of real “racism” to fuel their anti-white campaign.

In past decades Japanese people have taken a real liking to western culture. You can easily find videos of Japanese symphonies playing Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. And then there’s that Japanese lady, who does a damn good impression of Karen Carpenter.

But that is never called “racist” by the “racist campaign.”

Understand that this campaign is not about promoting the dignity of all people. A Japanese person is never called “racist” for mimicking a Caucasian. The “racist campaign” is a one way street. It’s nothing less than a battering ram used by international bankster gangsters and their Republican/Democrat lackeys to beat down people of European descent into submission. For with submission one will give up one’s inheritance. Rather than being called “racist” most “con”-servatives would rather give away their children’s inheritance (ie. this country which our European ancestors carved out of the wilderness) to the masses of the Third World. Only by committing an act of collective racial suicide can the “con”-servative feel that he is a good person because good people are not “racists.” Thus he “cons” future white generations – including his own children – out of a future.

What a psychopath!

We should rejoice at the “racist” news coming out of Dartmouth and Japan. The “racist campaign” clearly is suffering from stage IV cancer and has one foot in the grave. With every subsequent accusation of “racism” the average disgruntled European-American in TV land realizes that the “racist campaign” is like a giant with clay feet. It’s like an engine running on fumes or a brain-dead body being kept alive with a respirator and feeding tube. With every subsequent fraudulent accusation it further makes itself a laughing stock. We should encourage the purveyors of this campaign to continue down this road. Eventually the charge of “racism” will garner laughs just like the little boy who cried wolf. By applying this epithet to increasingly laughable situations, the purveyors of this epithet will ultimately bury it.