Racism Hoaxing Jew WoW Expert Reckful is Finally Dead

The Jewish Twitch streamer Reckful, also known as Byron Bernstein, is finally dead.

That’s one less Jew in gaming, which is a white hobby which Jews are not welcome in.

Reckful was dumb and he sucked. He was formerly the #1 ranked player in World of Warcraft, a stupid and time-wasting game that does not involve any skill and is a blight on the gaming community.

He also promoted racism hoaxes, literally with his good friend and fellow Jew “Destiny.”

That’s what the Jews will do – get the kids to pay attention to them with video games, then start brainwashing them with racism hoaxes.

Hilariously, Reckful killed himself because of a fat gook female whose face literally looks like the Moon.

Because women are obsessed with having sex with men who are famous, even someone who is Jewish and a weasel nerd can get a fat gook girlfriend while everyone else is denied sex by the vagina monopoly. However, a woman still does not love such a man, as women are incapable of feeling normal human emotions such as love.

Reckful proposed to his ex-girlfriend on Twitter before his death.

Then he apologized to the public, saying he is insane.

Then, to the great amusement of the people, he killed himself.

You see, beta male retards think that if they kill themselves over a woman, she will feel guilt. In fact, it is impossible for a woman to feel guilt, and if you kill yourself because of a woman, she will just use that to promote her agenda of people paying attention to her.

Moonface is actually downplaying it, to be honest. Not going full on like you’d expect. I guess because gook women are simply superior in their behavior.

His current girlfriend, a fat white bitch, is going nuts using his death to promote people paying attention to her.

Talk about milking a dead Jew – this is the ultimate maximum of the term.

What a bold bitch.

I actually salute her.

One of his male friends did a stream remembering him and said that the first time he met him he said “see that bus right there? If I didn’t have shrooms right now, I’d jump in front of it.” Can you imagine meeting someone and having them say that to you?

Also, at 23:00 (timestamped), he remembers how he used to cheat at a game and ripped him off for $3000. This guy is literally crying, remembering his good Jew friend, and he says, “I’ll never forget how much money he stole from me…”

That might be the funniest thing about this entire event.