Racism: Canada Claims That Adults Should be Able to Read

This is the most racist bullshit I’ve seen in hours.

They can’t read because they’ve been oppressed by WHITES.

CBC News:

Nearly half of Canada’s population has a big roadblock ahead of them when it comes to post-pandemic economic recovery — and it’s not the novel coronavirus but a fundamental set of skills for daily life.

Poor reading, writing and numeracy skills in adults make up a literacy gap in Canada with consequences for both democracy and the economy. Experts say the gap is due in part to an abundance of jobs in the past that do not require the daily use of reading comprehension and information synthesis skills.

In short, literacy is not like riding a bike. While Canadians tend to leave the high school level with these skills, it takes practice to retain them and Canada’s economy does not provide the opportunity to do that for many workers.

Despite relatively high education rates, an analysis of international assessments by Statistics Canada in 2013 showed that more than one in six adult Canadians fell short of passing the most basic set of literacy tests.

The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIACC) looks at how adults process information and how they use literacy, mathematics and problem solving both at home and at work.

The article doesn’t explicitly state it, but we all know that “people who can’t read” is a codeword for “people of color.” This is a long held hatred that goes back to the days of slavery, when slavemasters would get mad because their slaves couldn’t read the instructions about what they were supposed to be doing around the house.

This disenfranchisement has intensified with Arabs and Indians not being able to figure out the instructions for putting together furniture from IKEA.

It’s time to do away with these old hatreds and just accept that just because brown people can’t read doesn’t mean they’re not just as capable of contributing as people who can read.

Reading, like all inventions of the white man, is a social construct of the white man. If a person has a high level of melanin, they can easily look at a piece of paper and psychically absorb the information on it without actually understanding the arrangement of letters.