Race Mixing Emojis are Officially Coming

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2019

You know what was missing here in the West? A big array of emojis for miscegenation.

Not anymore though.


In 1664, Maryland passed the first British colonial law banning marriage between whites and slaves. An 1883 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that state prohibitions on interracial marriage don’t violate the Fourteenth Amendment held for more than 80 years.

While such impediments to marriage were dismantled over time, there are still hurdles, however small, to overcome. Here, in 2019, interracial couples have a small victory to celebrate: The approval of 71 new variations of emoji for couples of color.

Capping a yearlong project by, of all people, the folks at the swipe-right dating app Tinder and tech activist group Emojination, the emoji gods (known as the Unicode Consortium) recently approved the additions in characters technically referred to as people “holding hands.” A new “gender-inclusive” couple emoji was also approved among 230 new characters.

Until now, emoji of two or more people on various platforms and devices have been available only in the default yellow. While the Unicode Consortium, where Google, Microsoft and Apple have voting seats and Lee is vice-chair of the emoji subcommittee, signed off on the skin-tone additions, user companies will decide for themselves starting later this year whether to add them and how they will look.

Jenny Campbell, the chief marketing officer for Tinder, isn’t worried about distribution after the company mounted a campaign and petition drive in support of the technical proposal it submitted to Unicode.

Ultimately, we wanted to get the interracial emoji couple on people’s keyboards not only for equality, but also to spread acceptance for all couples no matter what their race,” she told The Associated Press on Thursday. “Our users are craving a way to express themselves visually and see themselves reflected in our everyday tech language.”

Tinder is taking credit for its industry in pushing interracial dating along, citing data that indicates couples who meet online are more likely to be interracial than those who don’t.

They’re always going on about “equality,” “spreading acceptance” and “helping minorities” but if making minorities feel accepted were their real goal, there’d be no end to the weird emojis they’d have to include for every type of weirdo out there, as the more “minority” a minority gets, the rarer it is.

This thing where whites are told that they’re the oppressive majority is like going to a transgender convention and telling trannies that they’re the oppressive majority there and that you’re being oppressed for being heterosexual. They’d tell you that they’re the majority there because it’s a transgender convention, but that they’re actually a minority in the country.

Whites are also a majority in white countries because those countries are white countries, but we stop being a majority when you look at the whole world. Whites are a minority worldwide, and that is after lumping together all whites. The picture is grimmer when you look into specific white peoples from different parts of the world.

I’m sure you know this, but what they’re really after is white genocide. Killing white men, more specifically, because they expect women to reproduce with the invaders and to blend in the brown goo, but white men can’t really blend in the brown goo, and actually, they don’t want to blend in the brown goo.

White men are innately driven towards beauty and creation while white women are innately driven towards degeneracy and destruction.

Emojis are a ubiquitous part of the lives of normal people, and by sneaking a big enough selection of interracial emojis in the everyday lives of normal people they advance their white genocide agenda.

It normalizes being a coal burner in the subconscious of women.

These whores will eventually have to pay the toll, and even though that’s funny, it still leaves us with one less white womb-machine every time, so white people as a whole also pay the toll for their mistakes.