Race-Mixing Degenerates Explain How They Gleefully Crushed Their Parent’s Hopes and Dreams

Daily Stormer
July 11, 2017

Why the long face, dad? Aren’t you glad you’re going to get some grandchildren?

While boomers definitely deserve to have their lives destroyed by the children they doomed to a life of debt, alienation and misery, I would prefer if this was done in a way that doesn’t involve wiping out millions of years of evolutionary progress.

So yeah, race-mixing is a bad way to get back at your parents for sacrificing your future in the name of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

I would recommend joining a neo-Nazi organization instead. The impact will be greater, and you’ll be doing something positive for the world.

New York Times:

More than two million marriages take place each year in the United States and, increasingly, they are uniting people of different races and ethnicities. Today, according to the Pew Research Center, one in six newlyweds in the United States is involved in a mixed marriage.

That is a fivefold increase from 1967, when the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling in Loving v. Virginia, the decision that made interracial marriage legal across the nation. Last month, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Loving decision, The New York Times asked readers the question: Has being in an interracial relationship united or divided your family?

In other words, “how upset were your parents when they learned you were dating a monkey?”

Angela Martano, 29, and Terrel Stokes, 28

Where they met: At work at a nonprofit in Boston.

Wedding set for January 2018

Angela: I come from an Italian Roman-Catholic suburban family. I am the first person in my family to date someone of a different race. It was very taboo! From the moment I told my parents about him over the phone, they knew he was black because he has a “black name.” My grandparents still can’t seem to get it right.

Fuck you, mom and dad!

My family was immediately on guard about the relationship. There were other factors of classism thrown into the mix as well, which didn’t help. He was not Catholic, he didn’t go to college and he had a child from a previous relationship. Needless to say, this is not who my parents saw me ending up with.

Over the years that we’ve been together (six), my parents have indeed come around to my now-fiancé. However, it’s always been a struggle. The most embarrassing and horrifying thing my father ever asked my fiancé was if his relatives were slaves. I just wanted to crawl under the dinner table and never come out.

That’s a legitimate question to ask, though.

He wanted to know if his daughter is marrying obsolete farm equipment or a recently arrived welfare leech.

Now, even though he is a part of the family, he is seen as “the exception” because he’s family. I don’t know if my parents still really understand that their grandchildren will be black and what that will mean to them and to us.

I think they know pretty well what it means.

It’s this slut that doesn’t know anything.

She doesn’t know about the grotesque, deformed baby she’ll have, for starters.

The article goes on with story after story of this stuff, always repeating the same basic routine: child decides to mate with a third-world primitive, family is shocked, appalled, depressed, and eventually resign themselves to their fate.

Some of these stories are more disgusting than others though.

Jake Clark, 24, and Reon Cloete, 28

Where they met: Online.

Married in March

Jake: I married my gay, Namibian-born husband in a small Minnesota chapel in a largely all-white community this March. The church was covered with German writing, and since my partner’s family didn’t have the notice to attend, the small audience was almost entirely blue-eyed and blond. Our marriage announcement shocked almost everyone in our families, as did our plan to marry within the next couple of weeks.

*Gags* What… Beautiful children… *bleurg* They’ll have…

My all-white, largely rural family had mixed reactions. Some conservative family members refused to see the relationship or marriage, while others have embraced this as a learning and growth opportunity. An aunt studied Namibia’s geography and history; my parents watched a lecture by the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; and my grandmother and father, who grew up with notions of fear, mistrust and welfare abuse for communities of color, have embraced Reon as a son and grandson. Reon’s family navigates an equally complex history of apartheid and homophobia, and yet his mother sends me weekly blessings on WhatsApp.

Wow, this is trauma bordering on Stockholm syndrome right there.

I’m guessing the family was already basically psychologically destroyed when they learned their son would forego starting a family to continue their legacy, and would instead dedicate his life to masturbating in other men’s anuses. After swallowing that pill, I guess him “marrying” a jungle ape wasn’t that big of a deal.

In any case, none of this would be happening if only we had White sharia. The thots would be kept in line, the homos would be thrown off rooftops, and fathers would have veto power over their daughter’s marriage choices.

But, you know, maybe you prefer keeping things the way they are, and let your Aryan princesses make their own choices or something, lol. Your choice.

Actually, I lied.

You have no choice.