“Race is Real” for Normies

Diversity Macht Frei
January 6, 2018

In case you’re ever caught arguing with friends, family or strangers on the internet and sometimes struggle to convince or prove that race is real and meaningful, you can explain it to them thus:

If race didn’t exist then genetic markers would be found spread randomly throughout the entire globe, a “random genetic distribution” in other words. Furthermore, if it were the case that genetic markers were not concentrated or localised to specific geographical areas, then a geneticist or forensic scientist would not be able to determine someone’s ancestral origins just from their genome. Yes, a bit of DNA can be used to tell what your racial origins are with a frightening degree of accuracy.

However, because genetic markers concentrate (or cluster) in specific geographic locations and populations, it proves that races exist. This is known as a “clustered genetic distribution”.

This is a very basic explanation but sufficient for most debates/arguments. Especially for the claim that “Race is a social construct” that was popularised way back in the 1920s by Franz Boas, before genetic studies had come on the scene and before the human genome had been mapped. SJWs and people with an irrational hatred of whites quote an anthropologist from the 1920s, an era from where most ideas are now considered obsolete. They used to take radium supplements back then too but we know now that ionising radiation is highly dangerous.

Boas, as pointed out in the comments, was also a fraud

Recently, two physical anthropologists reanalyzed Boas’s head-form data. They report that Boas—now considered the founding father of modern American anthropology—was wrong. Their findings may lead to a new understanding of human races and the origin of certain ancient skeletons, including the recently discovered Kennewick Man, whose cranial characteristics have stirred controversy among anthropologists.

Of course, heritability is also meaningful but that’s a topic for another day. Just expressing the belief doesn’t mean to imply one race is superior to another (but we know the truth), so you can tell them you’re not a racist for stating it. This seems to be the main argument SJWs like to throw at people, as if race being a social construct somehow justifies white genocide.

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