“Race as Social Construct” Theory Dismissed After WH Forced to Release Pics of Melania Meeting Michelle

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2016


Yesterday, President Trump and his wife visited the White House.

They were sneaked in through a back entrance, with no press allowed to view the entrance, which appears to be a first in history. The Bushes met the Obamas on the front lawn 8 years ago.

The men met together, as did the ladies.

Though press was invited in at the end of the men’s meeting, they were not invited to witness the meeting of Melania and Michelle. They didn’t even release any photos – presumably because this kind of documented scientific proof of the wide disparity between White and Black would forever destroy the “race is a social construct” Jewish scam.

However, after being pestered by The Daily Mail, the White House did agree to release the pics.

And yes: race existence confirmed.

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Beyond simply destroying the concept of race, after witnessing Empress Melania side-by-side with Negress Michelle, scientists are now questioning whether it is even appropriate to classify these two specimens as members of the same species.

Dr. David Bartel, a biology professor at MIT, was the first to speak openly about the astonishing scientific proofs, saying, “the first thing you notice looking at the picture is that while Empress Melania’s skin is clear, an attractive light-pinkish white color, the Michelle thing’s skin is a repulsive dark color, looking as though it has been smeared with canine feces.”

“Then looking at their profiles – wow, just wow,” he continued. “While the Empress’ chin and mouth are flush with her forehead, the lower half of the Michelle’s face juts out like a shelf. If her nose wasn’t so massive, you could literally place a potted plant on your upper lip.”

The professor concluded: “One thing is certain from these images: we need to completely throw-out Boasian anthropology, and begin to consider a biological explanation for race. At this point, I am not the least bit comfortable claiming that these two specimen belong to the same species. We need to do more research.”


Speaking of interesting things, The Daily Mail got a hold of some other good shots from yesterday’s visit to the White House.

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