r/WorldNews Pushing Up Old Anti-Chinese Atrocity Propaganda

The front page of the internet, reddit, is known for being an agreement festival. People just confirm each other’s biases in a circle so as to feel good about themselves. It’s the way the site is designed: to reward consensus.

Posts are voted to the top, your status on the board is defined by how many people agree with you.

This cartoon shows the idea of the site:

It’s basically a cutesy circlejerk.

However, people there used to be generally against war.

This is what used to represent the site:

Now they are actively and aggressively pro-war. It’s probably the same people.

The r/WorldNews today had at the top of it a story about “Uighurs genocide,” posted three hours before I found it in the top spot.

I thought “oh, here we go again…”

But we’re not going there again.

This is a BBC article from three weeks ago, when Joe Biden declared the genocidal intent of the small-eyed roundheads.

So, is this reddit voters, voting up an old article, on one of the site’s top news boards? Almost certainly not. It is almost certainly bots, or the staff of the site itself, manipulating the old article to the top.

This is a very clear and obvious example of a primitive way to create a synthetic consensus in an internet community.