r/The_Donald Blames the Chinese for Censorship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2020

Over on reddit, the most popular discussion forum on the internet, r/The_Donald, a pro-Donald Trump board, has been heavily censored for months. The site began by blocking r/The_Donald’s posts from appearing on the front page, then they “quarantined” the page, making it virtually impossible to access.

I tried to go to it this morning to see what was happening with the site, and they wouldn’t allow me in, even though I was logged into the site. The site does not require you to verify your email to post on it, so I was using a fake email. They told me that to see r/The_Donald, I would have to verify my email.

I changed my email address to a real one and verified it, and was finally granted access to r/The_Donald.

This post was pinned at the top:

It won’t let me embed the post. So here’s a screenshot.

Note the end there:

We knew this was coming, and we created a lifeboat. A place to bring back the old The_Donald, before they began their Chinese censorship. A place free of Reddit communists.

Yes, they are blaming the communist Chinese for the censorship.

I suppose if you wanted to be charitable, you could interpret this individual as trying to say “Chinese style censorship.” I don’t know why they would say “Chinese censorship” if they were trying to say “Chinese style censorship,” but let’s be charitable and say they’re not literally blaming the Chinese for the behavior of reddit, but simply making a comparison.

Well, the comparison isn’t valid. The analog would be that the Chinese would censor a page supporting Chairman Xi. They would do no such thing, and the suggestion that they would is basically more retarded than the other potential thing that person is saying, which is that the Chinese control reddit and use that control to censor Trump supporters.

In actual fact, the only thing the Chinese censor is criticism of the government, which is one of the only things the US does not censor.

Please check this handy table I created to understand America vs. Chinese censorship:

Allowed to say?  China United States
Criticism of government No Sometimes (depending on party and specific politician)
Criticism of women Yes No
Criticism of gays Yes No
Criticism of trannies Yes No
Criticism of Moslems Yes No
Criticism of Jews Yes No
Historical revisionism Yes No
Sandy Hook denialism Yes No
Boycotting Israel Yes No
Being against abortion Yes No
Posting FBI crime statistics Yes No
Criticizing Teen Vogue for promoting anal sex to teenagers Yes No
Criticizing CNN or the Washington Post Yes No
Criticizing David Hogg Yes No
Saying the word “retard” Yes No
Being against a CIA coup in Venezuela Yes No
Being against a CIA coup in Hong Kong Yes No
Threatening Baby Yoda Maybe No

The correct term for what r/The_Donald is experiencing would be “American censorship” or “Jewish censorship.”

In fact, the only people who I have found on the internet that respect freedom of speech are the Chinese, so it is really not fair to malign them in this way. I will note that I do not like Chinese people, because they are loud and they spit in elevators. But I do respect their values and their devotion to freedom and prosperity.

In that post, that person was a mod who claims he was de-modded by the staff of reddit, and says they are bringing in their own mods. Apparently they are also banning people for upvoting certain posts. This is all very bizarre.

But it must be said: Donald Trump is doing absolutely zero about this.

Imagine that these people have spent all this time creating a community to support Donald Trump, and in what is clearly an act of election meddling, a monopolistic company censors them.

All of the tech companies are doing this, while the media continues to babble on about unspecific Russian conspiracies. Somehow, they claim, it destroys democracy to have these alleged Russian hackers posting on social media, but mass banning Americans from expressing their political views on social media is a non-issue. Also, the government of Israel running television ads against candidates is a non-issue.

Donald Trump is the president, and far from doing something about the censorship, he continues to praise the companies doing the censorship. He says that “MAGA” now stands for “Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon” – all companies which hate him and censor and abuse his supporters. He also recently said that he supports these companies remaining completely unregulated monopolies.

He is doing nothing for the people who suffer for their support for him.

He allowed me and Alex Jones to be completely banned from everything for supporting him. He allows all these other people to get banned from everything for supporting him. He lets his supporters get violently attacked in the streets. He lets them get sent to prison for attending rallies supporting him and getting attacked by antifa. He is allowing Julian Assange to be tortured in prison, as he works to have him extradited to America and thrown in prison for life for helping him get elected.

But he has time to support homosexual pedophiles promoting man-on-man anal sex in India, which I don’t think is something that many of his voters would be in favor of.

The whole thing is altogether dazzling. I have never in my life heard of a politician who had this level of contempt for his own supporters.

Even with all of this, I would prefer he be elected than a Democrat, given that all of the Democrats have said they will throw people in prison for posting about white nationalism on the internet, but I do not have any idea how to even support him. What am I supposed to say? “Vote Trump to stop socialism”?

The entire 2016 platform has been abandoned.

If you’ll recall, we were supposed to:

  1. Build a wall
  2. Round up millions of illegal immigrants and deport them
  3. Ban all Moslems from America
  4. End the wars in the Middle East
  5. End the opioid epidemic
  6. Make friends with Russia
  7. Pull out of NATO

What we got is:

  1. No wall
  2. More illegal immigrants than ever before in history
  3. Even more Moslems than before
  4. Continuation of all wars, nonstop threats of new wars, including wars no one was even thinking about (Venezuela)
  5. The most opioid deaths ever
  6. Highest tensions with Russia since the Cuban missile crisis
  7. Emboldened and strengthened NATO doing bizarre, threatening drills on the Russian border

This is literally the “I specifically requested the opposite of this” meme, all the way down the line.

What exactly is Donald Trump’s 2020 platform? Does anyone even know? Everything from 2016 has been trashed, so he is saying that we will “keep America great” because he defines America’s greatness by the fact that he is president.

From what I can tell, his platform is:

  1. More military aid to Saudi Arabia
  2. Everything for Israel
  3. Stopping socialism
  4. Gay sex

Talk about uninspiring.

Despite all of this, r/The_Donald is begging “please, just let us support you, President Trump,” and he is saying “sorry, nope.”

So they blame the Chinese.

They have no memes.

All their posts are about the censorship and half of them are talking about the Chinese being responsible (Winnie the Pooh is used by traitor Chinese to attack their leader).

They have a new site at thedonald.win.

That site also does not have any memes, however.

This is the kind of thing they’re posting:

Basically, the situation is that r/The_Donald are normies who were living off the energy created on /pol/, Daily Stormer and right-wing Twitter during the 2016 election, and now all the creative people are lacking any form of inspiration to drive them to support Trump, so these reddit normies are just digging up bits and pieces of old stuff from when there were creative people involved.

And they have Stockholm syndrome – they’re saying things like this:

Posting that same meme from 2015!

Why is he the greatest president of all time?

What did he do?

What is even going on?

Why are we talking about anal sex in India?

No wonder people are supporting Bernie Sanders. At least there is some kind of energy there.

/pol/ is completely shilled out with Bernie shills.

But at least some of the memes are actually good.

One upside to all of this:

Thedonald.win has freedom of speech, and I found this meme there, with a fair number of upvotes:

So, everyone should go there and tell them about how the Jews are responsible for Donald Trump not getting anything done.

Right now, they’re all butthurt over the censorship, so go there and tell them about how all of this censorship is coming from the ADL and the SPLC.

We have actually been given a gift by reddit here, so we shouldn’t pass it up. Just don’t be too harsh, don’t use slurs, just lay out the facts and post good memes. They have such shitty memes that you can get people to agree with you just by having memes.