Quirky Hoax Watch Lawyer Jimmy Chang on Radio Show

Guest Post by Jimmy Chang


Quirky and mildly zany Hoax Watch legal staff member Jimmy Chang appeared Friday night on the Ralph Show with Ethan Ralph.

It’s wild time out there, folks.

If you haven’t heard Jimmy’s zany brand of zingers, you might want to take a peak.

This wasn’t actually very good, but hey, you know – it’s filler time, baby.

The first half is about the issue of the potential for voting and doing politics after the 2020 election hoax. We also talked about the fact that Mike Lindell is off on some kook cyber thing, while the election fraud happened right in front of us on live TV when they shut down the count at 3 AM in every swing state that hadn’t been called and started rolling in trucks of new ballots. And of course, before that, when they completely changed the entire voting system to make it mail-in in the name of a virus.

We talked some about the virus.

In the second half of the interview, a co-host came on and did a lot more talking than I did, so we didn’t really get through the content I wanted to cover. We were meant to talk about transhumanism and the conflict with China.

But it’s a fun time. You know, standard drunken internet shitshow, while I, being a lawyer always on my guard, assuring the Manitoba real estate empire of my client Leo Fong and guaranteeing the intellectual and artistic integrity of Hoax Watch editor John Carpenter, was drinking Monster Energy.

But yeah – we’ve got new readers, who might not know what my voice sounds like or whatever. So hey – whatever. Not saying it’s the greatest podcast in history, it’s mostly just rehashing of things on this site written by people like Snake Baker and Elvis Dunderhoff. But you might have some fun.