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June 21, 2014

The hottest holohoaxer on the block, Dr. Caroline Sturdy-Co
The hottest holohoaxer on the block, Dr. Caroline Sturdy-Colls

Unfortunately, “archaeologist” Caroline Sturdy Colls cancelled an appearance where conscientious British people outraged by her promotion of 70 year old Soviet Union atrocity propaganda were going to politely ask her questions from the audience. Caroline Colls has become famous for among other outrages, digging at a marked Christian cemetery claiming to find new, hidden mass graves and using the bones of these Christians as a film prop in order to sell the fraud of non-existent massive mass graves of 900,000 “gassed” Jews at transit camp Treblinka 2.Kinloss-Treblinka-Event-Cancelled

It’s unfortunate Caroline Colls chooses to continue the Deborah Lipstadt concocted strategy of demonizing and ostracizing “deniers” and refusing to acknowledge and respond to them rather than answering some important scholarly questions about her work. “Gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” lie deniers have no desire to prevent free speech and simply wish to sit down in the audience, raise our hands, and much like the courageous, intelligent, and well-versed woman below, ask questions from the audience of the alleged scholar, who we believe is promoting a fictional, Jewish supremacist religious narrative which incites racial hatred of Germans, rather than a true scientific reconstruction of actual historical events.

Colls refuses to answer any and all emails from Revisionists. Why should people like myself, a concerned grandchild of an American World War II veteran -be silenced in deference to Jewish supremacism – (Semitism) which means that non-Jewish concerns and facts are insignificant compared to the unquestionable “God’s chosen people?” Anyone else – is sent to prison in several countries if you dare question them.

Like a dictator, Caroline Colls and her colleagues refuse to respond to emails, as if sons and grandsons of American and British World War II veterans have no say in determining the truth of what their ancestors fought for. In countries other than America and Britain*, it’s illegal to ask these questions in public, so it’s up to us to defend the legacy of Allied World War II veterans in exposing the victor imposed gas-chamber-shower-room blood libel injustice by committing the revolutionary act of telling the truth.

Caroline Sturdy Colls perpetuates outrageous Soviet and Zionist originated claims completely unsupported by scientific evidence.
Caroline Sturdy Colls perpetuates outrageous Soviet and Zionist originated claims completely unsupported by scientific evidence.

Rather than answer simple questions, much like a dictator or bookburner, Caroline Sturdy Colls and colleagues have attempted to get The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax documentary exposé banned from Youtube on copyright grounds despite being completely covered under “Fair Use” as educational media criticism.

According to Caroline Sturdy Colls’ actions, only well-funded (by Zionists) historical dictators like herself, who make propaganda presentations regurgitating Soviet Union derived psychological warfare on television stations owned by Jewish Zionist billionaire Murray Rothstein are allowed to have a say in determining real history. Anyone else – is sent to prison in several countries if you dare question them.

Here is a list of questions a true journalist, a real truthseeker, scientist, and skeptic would ask Caroline Sturdy Colls.

Questions for Caroline Sturdy Colls

1) Have you watched The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax? – it covers many of the questions below and may help you visualize Revisionist problems with your claims.
2) You made worldwide news after your team was credited with finding “Star of David tiles” of a “gas chamber” which “proves Holocaust deniers wrong”.


Yet the design on the terra cotta tiles is of a popular European heraldic brand, a pierced mullet star, and not a Star of David.


Your teammember and you misidentified these tiles, and broadcast this misinformation worldwide. This claim of Star of David tiles from a “gas chamber” displayed on the floor face up to calm future gassing victims was repeated through worldwide media outlets. As Holocaust questioners sit in prison cells on this very day due to false information spread about “The Holocaust” by the mass media, don’t you think it’s important to ask media outlets who reported this incorrect knee-jerk jump to conclusion of yours to print retractions?

The pierced mullet star was a brand mark of a porcelain factory in Warsaw.
The pierced mullet star was a brand mark of a porcelain factory in Warsaw.


Captured from
Captured from


Anyone can search Google and find 114 examples of the following phrase “Each tile was stamped with a Star of David, apparently in order to fool the victims into believing that the building was “a Jewish-style bathhouse.”

Due to your knee-jerk pro-extermination jump to conclusions that the symbol on this terra-cotta tile both

A) Faced upwards for people to see and be tricked into complacency (the symbol part of tiles are affixed to floors and not visible) and

B) Represented a Star of David in order to camouflage alleged homicidal intent

These dual erroneous claims made worldwide headlines and as a result tens of thousands of people believe your knee-jerk pro-exterminationist jumps to false conclusions about Star of David gas chamber tiles deceiving victims.

As Holocaust Inquisition victims, or Holocaust questioners sit in prison this very moment, don’t you think you should apologize for your ignorant knee-jerk jump to conclusions, and also re-consider whether these tiles really belonged to a homicidal gas chamber disguised as a shower room or a building with a different purpose entirely, such as a real, operational shower room? After all, you misidentified two aspects of these tiles, isn’t it possible that you’re misidentifying the entire building as serving a homicidal purpose to fit your pre-determined pro-exterminationist conclusions?

3) Do you believe that original claims of Treblinka “steam rooms” couldn’t possibly have corresponded with a real, working, steaming hot shower? You were filmed in the shower room of Majdanek which is connected to a boiler room for hot water. Treblinka transitee Heinz Rosenberg was transited from Berlin to Minsk, and then back from Minsk west, according to him, he was transited through Treblinka with many others. In his book, he describes taking a scalding hot shower at a Western concentration camp. Kurt Vonnegut describes the shower as being so hot that American POWs had heart attacks and died because of it. Isn’t it possible that the frightening camp intake procedure, combined with the excessively hot showers (an attempt to kill bacteria and lice in order to keep prisoners alive) could have played a role in the confusion of homicidal gas chambers with clothing delousing rooms and separate hot showers and created the original story of Treblinka steam chambers which morphed into diesel chambers, (which were also disproved by engineer Friedrich Paul Berg) which has partially morphed into gasoline exhaust chambers?

4) Does your LIDAR ground penetrating radar prove there were massive pits which at one time held the remains of 900,000 Jews? If so what is the total size and capacity (body count) of each grave? Can you provide the names of archaeologists who analzyed your LIDAR data and will back up the claim that these pits could have at one time held the remains of 900,000 Jews?

Do these massive burial pits exist at Treblinka? Colls’ LIDAR ground penetrating radar seems to suggest that massive pits of this size and shape represented in Willenberg’s hearsay reproduction of Wiernik’s pits do not exist in the alleged locations.
Do these massive burial pits exist at Treblinka? Colls’ LIDAR ground penetrating radar seems to suggest that massive pits of this size and shape represented in Willenberg’s hearsay reproduction of Wiernik’s pits do not exist in the alleged locations.

5) What are the results of the chemical tests on these terra cotta tiles? Also, what about terra cotta tiles or the structure you found, disregarding alleged eyewitness and hearsay “testimony”, proves it functioned as a homicidal gas chamber? Could these tiles have belonged to a regular shower room, rather than “13 gas chambers disguised as shower rooms”?

6) You appear on film driving as a narrator recites Vasily Grossman’s Nuremberg trial submitted propaganda fiction “The Hell of Treblinka” which talks about children spreading remains over the road you drive on.

Vasily Grossman – Jewish Soviet fiction writer turned “war correspondent”. Trustworthy fellow?
Vasily Grossman – Jewish Soviet fiction writer turned “war correspondent”. Trustworthy fellow?

As you drive, a narrator reads Grossman describing that an excavator dug 3 giant 250 to 300 meter long, 20 to 25 meters wide cremation grates. 35:14 – Treblinka Achaeology Hoax.

As shown in the below diagram, where is the evidence that these giant cremation grates existed? Clearly they would have taken up practically the entire length of the camp.


Outrageously impossible 1944 Soviet Propaganda spread in 2014?
Outrageously impossible 1944 Soviet Propaganda spread in 2014?

Grossman also claimed that 3.9 million Jews likely were murdered at Treblinka, do you stand by that too?

7) In connection with this, your LIDAR ground penetrating radar only shows minor disturbances, nothing approaching the Wiernik sized mass graves or the size of anything which could have previously held 900,000 bodies.

8) How was engine exhaust from one engine pumped into thirteen gas chambers? How did gas get from one engine get evenly distributed in the different alleged “chambers”? Were all 13 gas chambers functional at one time? How did “Hitler’s Killing Machine” as you say function?

9) Was the engine at Treblinka diesel or gasoline? Was it from a captured Soviet tank or a captured Soviet submarine engine, as Eichmann claimed in his show trial, despite the Germans never capturing a Soviet sub?

10) Do you know anything about what Revisionists claim about Treblinka? Have you read the Carlo Mattogno / Jurgen Graf book “Treblinka Extermination Camp or Transit Camp?”

A book any scientist or historian writing a peer reviewed publication about the “Holocaust” controversy should read and cite.
A book any scientist or historian writing a peer reviewed publication about the “Holocaust” controversy should read and cite.

Will you be willing to sit down with these authors and historians Carlo Mattogno, Jurgen Graf, and Thomas Kues and listen to their research and their concerns, similarly to how you sat down with Rob Van Der Laas of the “Topography of Terror Foundation”?

11)Do you know Holocaust Revisionists claim there actually ARE relatively small mass graves at Treblinka, mostly for those who died en route to Treblinka, just not graves for the 900,000 you claim, because 13 “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” connected to a diesel or gasoline engine according to Revisionists did not exist – which an honest analysis of your LIDAR radar proves.

12) Will you research this burial pit between Treblinka 2 and the gravel quarry, where I came across exposed animal bones and apparently burned remains, apparently of a horse?


13) You wrongly attribute a Revisionist GPS survey to David Irving, rather than Richard Krege. Will you admit that you have no grasp of Revisionist research about Treblinka and due to dogmatic anti-Revisionist stigma and Revisionist persecution laws, deliberately chose to ignore their evidence?

14) On your Television special the following text appeared – “1,600,000 people were sent to be killed at the Aktion Reinhard camps Less than 80 survived


However, this is outrageously untrue, as you can hear Jews in their own words describe being transited through Treblinka to other camps with hundreds in each car, some describe arriving at other camps with thousands others. Even one of these Jews describes being transited with more than 80 people, in fact some claim 500 at a time were transited with them through Treblinka. You clearly were not aware of these Jews as they were only reported in the recent documentary The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax. Have you watched that film? Actually, these Treblinka transitees were sent to Action Reinhard labor camps such as those described by Globocnik in his final report about Action Reinhardt. These included Budzin, Blizyn, Majdanek, Lublin Flugplatz, Poniatowa, and several other work camps of “Action Reinhardt”. Action Reinhard was a wealth extraction and forced labor utilization program set up during the process of expelling Jews from Europe. The purpose of Operation Reinhardt” with a T, after the finance minister Fritz Reinhardt, was to fund the SS and the Reinhardt Fund and was not used solely as a term for “pure extermination camps” run by Globocnik. Do these thousands upon thousands of Jewish transitees explain why your LIDAR radar scan hasn’t come up with the massive Weirnik-sized graves for the 900,000 Jews you claim were once buried, dug back up, and reburied and/or scattered there?

15) How much money have you been paid for your Treblinka project? What was the budget of your project, including the budgets for the television projects and what is the grand total of any and all funding given to you or your project? Does this funding influence your results?

16) Considering the chief rabbi of Poland forbade you from digging near alleged Jewish mass graves at

Treblinka 2, in fact ordered you to stop if you found any remains, is the main reason you dug near a known marked Christian cemetery approximately 3-4 miles south of the Treblinka 2 “pure extermination camp” in order to show their bones as props for your television specials, due to these Polish Christians not having leaders such as the Chief Rabbi defending their dignity and memory preventing you from using their bones as props for your TV special alleging 900,000 Jews were buried in a place 3-4 miles away, in a site you weren’t allowed to disturb?


17) Is there anything about the Treblinka 1 swimming pool located next to a hospital, Jewish family camp, and Treblinka 2 Zoo that seem incongruous to the concept of a pure extermination camp for 900,000 Jews?
Questions about Majdanek

1) You went to Majdanek concentration camp’s Bath and Disinfection 1 facility located at the entrance of the camp. Are you aware that Holocaust Revisionists and even Holocaust believers such as Pressac question whether any room in this bath and disinfection facility located at the entrance of the camp intake process actually operated as a homicidal gas chamber? Are you aware that next to the shower you took photographs in, these two (room within a room) currently labelled dual purpose “dressing room” / clothes delousing room, and storage room was at one time alleged to have been an “experimental” gas chamber,but thanks to questions about the easily breakable window, and unlocked doors able to be opened from the inside, among other things, this claim was abandoned along with this sign?


Photo credit –
Photo credit –

2) Are you aware of the original Majdanek death toll dropping from the initial Soviet propaganda figure of 1.5 million to the more realistic but likely still inflated number of less than 60,000 Jews today? Is it possible that your research will clear up the original Soviet propganda origins of the Treblinka story and such a drop in the Soviet inflated death toll will happen at Treblinka 2?

3) Are you aware the “Carbon monoxide cylinders” claimed in your documentary are not of carbon monoxide at all, rather carbon dioxide, which was installed in its current position by the Soviets after liberation and unlike Carbon Monoxide, has several non-homicidal uses?

Click to enlarge

4) Are you aware non-homicidal gas chambers were used to disinfect inmate clothing all around the concentration camp systems in order to prevent typhus epidemics?

5) Are you aware that the American government at the same time had concentration and labor camps primarily for the Japanese, but also for the Italians and Germans, and if confronted with typhus epidemics, supply line bombing, and defeat in total war, camp conditions at Manzanar, California would have deteriorated in a similar fashion to that in Mauthausen, Austria, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths?

5) Are you aware that the Majdanek crematorium is more than a mile away, uphill from the alleged homicidal gas chamber? * credit – Jewish former Revisionist David Cole for pointing this out.

6) Are you aware that the alleged “homicidal gas chambers” (the Prussian blue stained rooms were in fact, real clothing delousing chambers) were the first structures visible from outside the entrance to the camp, which was located in a suburb of a major city, and therefore were not secret at all?


  1. Have you identified the unmarked structures located in the gravel quarry and around Treblinka 1? Will you help the museum put clearly labelled signs next to them?
  2. Will you ask the Treblinka museum to identify with a clear sign all identified remaining structures at the camp, including the Treblinka 1 swimming pool, which, curiously, was one of the few structures missing a clear identifying sign?
  3. Are you aware that the organization you credit at the end of your film, HEART, can’t even properly identify the foundations and structure of the Treblinka 1 swimming pool, so why did you rely on them to identify structures as important as “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” which several people passionately deny were built and operated as such?
  4. Have you read the Leuchter report, written by a man who designed homicidal execution chambers for the United States Government?
  5. Have you read the Rudolf Report, written by a PHD candidate chemist who points out, among several important points, that the obvious bright Prussian blue staining you saw at Majdanek is completely absent from the alleged Homicidal gas chambers of Treblinka?
  6. Have you seen the documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie, which proves that “Holocaust Survivors” , even those appearing in Oscar winning films, can at times not only not tell the truth, but instead act as pathological liars, such as Irene Zisblatt, who claims she spent a year and a half repeatedly defecating and swallowing diamonds in Auschwitz and on death marches, escaped from inside an Auschwitz gas chamber to be thrown naked over an electrified barbed wire fence onto a train, had her Auschwitz tattoo removed by Dr. Mengele, was selected to become a lampshade, was given a phony lethal injection, had a bedside recovery chat with General Patton, amongst other outrageous and ridiculous claims? Do you accept that Holocaust Survivors have been proven to have lied in the past and continue to lie? How did you determine if Samuel Willenberg is telling you the truth?
  7. Are you aware of the abundance of evidence that British interrogators tortured confessions out of captured Germans?
  8. Do you have any Jewish ancestors (ethnic or religious) or family members ? If so, does this influence your worldview?
  9. Considering the only proof you have those tiles belong to a homicidal gas chamber is alleged eyewitness and hearsay evidence, how do you know those tiles didn’t belong to a non-homicidal structure? After all, the shower room at Majdanek you were in was a real, operational shower. Yet we’re told to believe in gas chamber rooms that were disguised as showers, with fake faucets. In the past it was claimed that the gas came out of the faucets, but this has also proven impossible.
  10. And what makes the Treblinka “eyewitness” and hearsay evidence credible? After all, several Jews have claimed the existence of gas chambers at camps which, after forensic examinations of the evidence, we now know did not have homicidal gas chambers.


Thank you for taking the time to reply to some of our questions, Mrs. Colls. That’s very scholarly of you and much better than the common, celebrated practice of throwing “Holocaust” skeptics in prison cells complete with dangerous and meager conditions.

Please allow us the courtesy of offering you follow up questions after your response.


by Eric Hunt, investigative journalist and creator of the educational documentaries The Last Days of the Big Lie and The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax


*Simon Sheppard and Steven Wittle have been persecuted and imprisoned in Britain for distributing Revisionist material.

**Thankfully to my knowledge, my grandfather did not “fight” in combat in WW2, but served as a mechanic in the US Army’s paratrooper division.