Questions for “Pro-White” Feminists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2015

Put on the glasses
Put on the glasses

Generally, when one is opposed to the intellectual position of another, and wishes to refute it, they take the time to go through and find the key points of the opposing argument and present counter-points which then come together to support an alternate conclusion based on available data.

Regrettably, those responding to my positions against feminism are not doing this. Instead of going through and refuting my key points, those disagreeing with me have invented a fantasy about what I am saying and attacked it, called me names or otherwise insulted me personally and/or repeated general statements which I have already responded to as if I have not addressed them.

Because it seems that my critics are having a difficult time understanding what I am saying, and they are thus not capable of formulating a coherent response, I feel it is only fair that I give a list of questions which they can then respond to. This may help them to voice their own arguments more easily, as at time of writing, their arguments are unclear.

Personal Insults

The overwhelming majority of responses to my positions have been personal insults, mostly the following:

  • You have a small penis
  • You are gay
  • You are a virgin
  • You are angry you can’t get a girl
  • You hate women

Combinations of these insults are regularly thrown my way, even while they contradict one another (why would a homosexual be angry he could not get a girl?).

Here is an email I received today after having written yesterday about a feminist blog attacking me, this site and White males generally, likely written by the woman who created the blog:

    As I didn't get a response giving permission to use the email, the woman's name has, respectfully, been removed.
As I didn’t get a response giving permission to use the email, the woman’s name has, respectfully, been removed.

The fact is that even if I were a gay virgin with a small penis who hates women because he can’t get a girl, that would not speak to the truth or falsehood of the intellectual arguments I am presenting on the nature of women and feminism.

One might assert that the fact that these people are resorting to base attacks on my personal masculinity proves that they have absolutely no response whatsoever to what I am saying, and are thus lashing out like children. However, I am fully comfortable assuming that they have merely failed entirely to understand the ideas I am trying to communicate, and have thus lashed out in confusion.

So, I will present these questions, and critics can either choose to respond to them or continue to call me names, but they will no longer be able to claim they are engaging in an honest intellectual disagreement.

Questions for “Pro-White” Feminists

1.) What, specifically, was wrong with the traditional role of women in society? Why?

2.) Which elements of feminism, specifically, do you endorse? Which, if any, do you reject? Why?

3.) How has abandoning their traditional roles in society helped women? Has it helped men? If so, how?

4.) What benefit is there to be had from allowing women to vote or be involved in politics? Please be specific.

5.) As the desire for women to play their traditional role in society has been repeatedly framed as “hatred” and/or “bitterness” towards women, you are implicitly asserting that the entire history (and pre-history) of the European people, before the dawn of feminism, was defined by hatred and bitterness towards women. What evidence exists to support this assertion?

6.) By condemning traditional gender roles as “slavery,” “abuse,” etc., you are effectively insulting not only all men in history, but your own female ancestors as well, who did not endorse the type of revolutionary behavior you are promoting. Clearly, you believe you are better than the women who, for thousands upon thousands of years, played a crucial role in European society. How specifically are you better than these women?

7.) I have asserted that because Asian women support their men and do not engage in feminist revolution, they are doing a duty in their society that (non-Slavic) White women have abandoned. The response has been that White women have staged a feminist revolution because they are superior to Asian women. Why do you view the revolutionary role White women are playing in society is superior to the traditional role Asian women are playing? Has the lack of feminist revolution in Asia harmed their social order in some way? If so, how?

8.) If we accept your assertion that our entire history is defined by the oppression of women, what exactly are we fighting to preserve or reclaim? If everything before the modern Jewish era was created by gay virgins with small penises who were angry they couldn’t get laid, what moral authority do we have as a culture and race? And why would you, as feminists, want to defend this heritage?

9.) What do you hope to gain by attacking men who are defending the White race? What are your goals?

10.) If you refuse to play your biologically-designated role as females, what purpose do you have? And why on earth would you suppose we would care what you think of us?

I have very little confidence that these questions will be answered, but here they are, and I believe that if they are answered, we will have a much better understanding of where the “pro-White” feminists are coming from.

If any of the woman (or men) currently criticizing my position does respond to these questions, I will have no problem addressing their responses.

As always, the comments section is free and any of my feminist critics are welcome to give a response.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, this is an exercise in futility. If these feminists were capable of giving an actual response to my arguments, they would have skipped over the “small penis” stuff and simply given a response. There is nothing stopping them from giving a response. These questions may seem like overkill, but I just want to make certain that everyone who is psychologically capable of understanding what is going on here gets it.

This is all I am asking for. Nothing more or less. If you think this is abuse and oppression and hatred and bitterness than you are a sick and damaged individual.
This is all I am asking for. Nothing more or less. If you think this is abuse and oppression and hatred and bitterness than you are a sick and damaged individual.

These women attacking me, and the men who support them, are in a state a desperation.

Collective female psychology is a complicated and bizarre thing. The key goal of feminism appears to be to ensure that women have influence over everything, everywhere, and are able to approve or deny the rights of men to do as they wish.

All I did when I began this anti-feminist agenda a few months ago was tell women that I don’t want them involved in my website. It is my website, and that is my right. And we see that they attack MGTOW, which is literally a philosophy of boycotting women. They are demanding to be involved, demanding that men not be allowed any aspect of control over their own lives.

This is very similar to the behavior of Jews, who demand to be involved in everything and become outraged when they are told they can’t be. If it bothers you that I’ve compared White women to Jews, then please, rather than insulting me, explain to me how I am wrong.

Women engage in exactly the same type of behavior as Jews, attempting to undermine everything that White men do for their own purposes. We can see this in the Eden myth. It was the Jew who offered the apple, but it was the woman who insisted we ate it.

The first feminist
The first feminist

And what have they done in the modern era?

A brief and incomplete bullet-point list:

  • Women have murdered our children
  • Women have continually voted for and lobbied for policies of racial, cultural and social destruction
  • Women have withheld marriage and family from men, preferring instead to stroke their own egos
  • Women have refused to make themselves presentable for men, getting fat and wearing pants
  • Women have forced their way into our workplaces and demanded we accommodate their inability to compete with us
  • Women have continually attacked and degraded masculinity and demanded power over us
  • Women have punished our boys for being boys in an attempt to remove masculinity from society
  • Women have used the legal system to leech our resources while giving us absolutely nothing in return

And what have they done positive?

Have they invented something useful? Have they progressed society in some other way?

Have they done one single thing of any value whatsoever that couldn’t have been done by either a hooker or a paid surrogate mother?

Is there even a single thing you can name?

And yet we continue on with this myth that we owe these people something, that we must continue to listen to their outrageous demands?

The men who support these women either do it out of confusion, and a belief in the propaganda they’ve been sold, or a combination of that and a genuine fear of a masculine society which would judge men on their ability to contribute rather than on something less objective – that is, something more feminine.

There is also a childish desire among some men to believe in the Jew romantic comedy fantasy that you are going to find some woman who believes as you believe and “likes you for who you really are.”

I am continually shocked at the ongoing disagreements with me on this issue, but I think now the detractors have been sufficiently answered and the ball is in their court. So please, if you disagree with me, then answer the ten questions above, and we can move from there.