Question: How Many Races Built the West?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2017

Many people think that the West was built entirely by the Aryan master race.

This is of course totally false.

Let’s just go ahead and go straight on through this.

Chinese People Built the Railroads

If it were not for the Chinks AKA the Coolies, there would have been no railroads.

Trains would have had to drive through the grass.

No way that was happening. They would totally get all stuck in the mud and their shit would get completely fucked up.

Chinese are the only people who can build railroad tracks.

So: No Chinese = No West.

Black People Picked the Cotton

People say that the only unique skill of the blacks is playing basketball and doing other things involving balls.

This is totally false.

Blacks are the only people on the planet that can pick cotton.

If it was not for the black cotton pickers, there would be no clothes.

Everyone would be walking around naked.

So: No Negroes = No West.

This Black Guy did Something

I’m not sure who this guy is, but he did something.

He was maybe a pimp or a fiddle player or something.

Again: Contributin.

I’m Trying to Think of Something Else

There must be a bunch of other things I can’t think of right now.

Otherwise, Gavin McInnes wouldn’t have made this claim.

He’s a serious person, and he wouldn’t just say something that was totally nonsensical on Twitter.

Maybe since Gavin McInnes is the one making this claim, he should produce a list.

A serious list of all the different contributions that nonwhites provided to “building the West” could easily be posted on his Twitter account so that we would all know about these contributions.

I think that would be more fair than me trying to sit here and figure it out, since I’ve never made this claim, and wouldn’t.