Quentin Tarantino Reveals Bizarre and Debased Relationship with His Mother, Surprising No One

“Maybe if I stuff more carbohydrates into my grotesque face-hole, mommy will finally love me the way I need her to?”

It is important to note that perverts all have deranged relationships with their mothers which usually devolve into an unwarranted hatred of Adolf Hitler and Richard Nixon.

New York Post:

Quentin Tarantino has revealed in a new interview that he vowed as a kid never to share a penny of his movie-making fortune with his mother, because she allegedly discouraged his writing career.

The Oscar-winner told “Billions” co-creator Brian Koppelman on his acclaimed podcast, “The Moment,” that he first began writing screenplays in grade school, but got in trouble with his teachers, who, “looked at it as a defiant act of rebellion that I’m doing this instead of my school work.”

The “Pulp Fiction” director reportedly wrote a script called, “Captain Peachfuzz and the Anchovy Bandit” when he was just 12.

Tarantino shared with Koppelman that he struggled academically in school, and that, “my mom always had a hard time about my scholastic non-ability.”

When Tarantino was in trouble for writing the screenplays in school, he recalled of his mom, “she was bitching at me… about that…. and then in the middle of her little tirade, she said, ‘Oh, and by the way, this little ‘writing career,’ with the finger quotes and everything. This little ‘writing career’ that you’re doing? That s–t is over!’”

Tarantino recalled, “And when she said that to me in that sarcastic way, I was in my head, and I go, ‘OK, lady. When I become a successful writer, you will never see penny one from my success. There will be no house for you. There’s no vacation for you, no Elvis Cadillac for mommy. You get nothing. Because you said that.”

Koppelman asked Tarantino, “Did you stick to that?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Tarantino said. “I helped her out with a jam with the IRS. But no house. No Cadillac, no house.”

Tarantino said his mother is still living, but added of his decision long ago to cut her out financially, “There are consequences for your words as you deal with your children, remember there are consequences for your sarcastic tone about what’s meaningful to them.”

His mother, Connie, was reportedly 16 when she gave birth to the future directing icon in Tennessee, and they subsequently moved to LA when Tarantino was 4.

The New Yorker wrote in 2003 of the director’s childhood that one biography, “correct[ed] the Agee-esque legend that had grown up around Tarantino since the release of ‘Reservoir Dogs’: that he was a dirt-poor illiterate hillbilly from Tennessee, brought up by a teen-age dropout.”

The piece quoted Tarantino’s mother as telling film critic Jami Bernard — who penned the book, “Quentin Tarantino: The Man and His Movies” — “Quentin would have you believe he was raised by wolves.” But the New Yorker reported of Connie, “It’s true that she was born in Tennessee and had Quentin when she was sixteen, but he was an accident. She got married in order to become an emancipated minor and go to college; she was, therefore, furious to discover that she was pregnant after her husband, Tony Tarantino, had assured her that he was sterile. She was angry enough to divorce him, and she didn’t introduce him to his son until Quentin was a few years old.”

The sad fact of life is that a single mother will inflict any sort of psychological harm she can invent in her twisted brain on a son. The son represents the father in her mind – the eternal “father,” which is her own father and the boy’s father – and the father did not fix her, did not make everything wonderful, how she deserves, and it is therefore her responsibility to rain misery on the boy.

No woman can resist doing this.

No man has a nice thing to say about a single mother unless he is fully in the throes of Stockholm syndrome, or he is actualized and is simply being polite.

The thing you must understand, above all, is that she didn’t mean to hurt you. She just did it by instinct. There is no point in holding that anger towards her, and anyway, all that anger is going to do is eat you up inside, and fully ensure that you never have an opportunity to live your own life in peace.

Just look at this effete queer as he rages against the mommy machine:

That anger towards your mother will make you like a woman. An emotional wreck, like Quentin Tarantino. The only way to get that rotten poison out of your soul is to forgive her, unconditionally, for all of the various forms of hell she put you through.

Hopefully, you are able to walk away from it alive, with a good understanding of the base nature of women under your belt, without ever trusting one again.

Most men who survive a single mother or an otherwise domineering mother who controlled a weak father go on to spend their entire lives in pursuit of the approval of women. The “boyfriend/girlfriend” phenomenon represents this disease, as does pickup artistry.

It is the natural order of the physical universe that men do not need women. So should it naturally be the order of a man’s emotional universe.