Queen Nicki Fights Back Against Journalist Scum Threatening Her People, Gets Denounced

“The more Nicki Minaj refuses the vaccine, the more I want to suck on her fat tits.” -John “Steve” Carpenter, Hoax Watch editor and director of Ghosts of Mars

Nicki Minaj is the single bravest and most important celebrity in America – by a lot.

As we reported on Saturday, she has stood up against the entire vaxer machine, and when they brought down hell upon her, she told them to “eat shit.”

At this point, she is reaching Mel Gibson levels of not tolerating Jewish behavior.

The trouble started when Queen Nicki was told that she would have to get vaxed to attend the Met Gala. She told them that if she wanted to get vaxed, she would make that decision herself, not because she was being pressured. She then told the story of someone she knows in Trinidad who experienced negative side effects from the deadly vax.

The media and their scum army, including that faggot Hasan Piker, went totally ape on her, claiming that black people have to do whatever the Democrat Party says.


She broke down this drooling retard garbage very succinctly.

This stuff where they say who you are and aren’t allowed to talk to, what you are and aren’t allowed to think, has hit a wall. Nicki is smarter than most blacks for sure, but all kinds of people are waking up to this. Like she says – “people aren’t human anymore.” This is baby nonsense. I’m a “white supremacist” also, and I have a lot of complaints about the blacks, and women for that matter – but I have more respect for Nicki than any single white male celebrity. I don’t see any of them pushing back against the media and this vax hoax.

Groups exist, but a person is an individual.

The Democrat Party thinks blacks are pets, and if you go against them, they will say you can’t be black anymore. This is despite the fact that the Democrat Party is run by Jews – not black people.

She responded to all of them, and now claims she’s being censored on Twitter.

She probably is being censored on Twitter. Twitter says they’re not censoring her. But clearly, the company has ways to deal with rogue celebrities without outright suspending them. They can’t let her keep talking forever about the vax and insulting the Holy Priesthood of Journalism, nor can they ban her for saying we should be able to talk about the vaccine. (I mean, eventually they will ban her if they have to, but they know how that looks.)

Now the sickening Jew media is complaining that Da Queen is harassing and doxing them.

Sounds real, right? Because the media is always the victim, right? Always hunted by an evil population that hates and fears them, but which they are sworn to protect, right?

Well, actually, the media sent messages to one of her people in Trinidad, threatening them if they didn’t give an interview.

They’re going to reveal where your family lives. That is a threat. It’s hardly even veiled.

This really hit home for me. When the media was harassing me and my family years ago, they would send all kinds of threatening messages. They are very bold, and they don’t care if it’s on record, because they believe they control reality.

I got an email from a guy I went to high school with, who I hadn’t talked to in 15 years, showing me messages from a fake news blogger from The Atlantic very similar to this. The blogger (I forget his name but he was fat and very sexually deranged, having tried to seduce Elle Reeve) basically said he would destroy this guy’s life if he didn’t go on the record talking badly about me.

Journalists are the absolute scum of the earth. They threaten everyone, and if anyone fights back, they are automatically victims of “death threats.”

All Queen Nicki did in response was post the journalist’s number and accurately identify her as a dirty hoe.

That’s no “death threat.”

But the Trinidad media posted bullshit whining about Nicki.

Meanwhile, the Jewish Washington Post is saying that Nicki can no longer be black because she doesn’t support the vax.

She’s harming blacks by saying people should be allowed to talk about the vaccine and make their own decisions (which is all she ever actually said – she never said outright that she’s against the vaccine).

For those who don’t know, Nicki Minaj is NOT Cardi B. Cardi ripped off Nicki’s style. Cardi is the one who makes the really gross porno music, and is probably pro-vax.

The latest news is that Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci are demanding Nicki report to the White House and explain why she thinks she has a right to talk about the vaccine.

Fauci wants to turn our precious Ebony Queen into the new version of that stupid gook vax slut.

I do NOT think that Nicki should go to the White House.

They will threaten her, and they might try to… control her brain using 5G technology. They could also replace her with a clone.

If Nicki goes to the White House and comes out saying the vax is good, we will all know what happened.

Nicki, if you are reading this: do NOT go to the White House!

These people are seriously very dangerous.