Queen Maxine Put on Halloween Billboard

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2018

I’m so glad there’s a right-wing version of Banksy now.

Have I ever told you how much I hate Banksy? Honestly, I probably hate him more than any other person on earth – including Jews. He really is the most shocking example of the hoaxing of consumer culture as counter-culture, and that is something I simply cannot abide.

Fox News:

Conservative street artist Sabo has found a new way to scare his fans.

On Friday, an image of the artist’s latest work surfaced online featuring a “Halloween” movie billboard that displays the face of Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters instead of the head of horror movie killer Michael Myers.

Sabo also added the words “#Uncivil Democrats” above the massive letters that spell out “Halloween.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fourth installment of the 1978 original film has been advertised with massive billboards all over the city, but the one that now sports Waters screaming head sits above Pico Boulevard.

Sabo spoke to THR and said that his message on the billboard was a reference to Waters telling a crowd back in June to make Donald Trump and his presidential team feel “not welcome.”

In other news, I’ve heard that the new Halloween is actually good. I don’t watch horror movies anymore, and I frankly don’t watch movies in the theater anymore because I can’t turn them off and turn something else on instead.

But this is actually produced by John Carpenter. And written by the guy from Eastbound and Down, Danny McBride.

I did go see “The Predator” in the theater, and it was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. It turned out to be about global warming and how autism is the next stage of human evolution. Horrible, horrible film.

When I was sitting there watching it I was thinking I was going to write a thing about it, but then I just couldn’t bare to think about it anymore.

Action movies are totally dead. All movies are dead in fact. The only thing worth watching is Better Call Saul. This new Simpsons/Game of Thrones crossover show is shit. I mostly just read novels now or watch cartoons from my childhood to try to piece together what formed my psyche.