Queen Ann Says All Hate Crimes Are Hoaxes!

Daily Stormer
February 22, 2019

Black Jewish faggots better be on watch with their deranged hoaxes – Queen Ann knows.

All these hoaxes are hoaxes. The SPLC is a Jewish hoax factory and the ADL is a Jewish hoax processing plant.

But his tears tho, how could you not believe those tears?

This Smollett situation turned out to be a pretty funny, but also eye-opening experience for normal people.

I guess… someone should maybe thank that Jewish faggot for all these lols.

In the future, whenever you see one of these fake events being promoted by the kike ADL, kike SPLC and kike media, call it a “Smollett.”

“Did you see the latest Smollett the Jews are promoting? A black Islamic tranny says he was chased down by horse-riding Trump-supporters in a Manhattan train station and they beat him with whips!”