Queen Ann Finds Racist Dog-Whistle in NYT Twins Article…!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

3/4th of your IQ akshually.

The evidence of the reality of inherited differences, and the scientific consensus forming around this information, is becoming so strong that even Jew-communist publications such as the New York Times are having a hard time covering it up.

Buried in some “health” article that largely tries to support the notion that nurture is everything is the significant and now irrefutable fact that IQ and personality traits are largely determined by genetic inheritance, rather than what TV shows where on when you were a baby – or whatever the fuck commies actually believe.

Jane E. Brody writes for the New York Times:

The day my identical twin boys were delivered by an emergency cesarean, I noticed a behavioral difference. Twin A, who had been pushed against an unyielding pelvis for several hours, spent most of his first day alert and looking around, while Twin B, who had been spared this pre-birth stress, slept calmly like a typical newborn.

My husband and I did our best to treat them equally, but Twin A was more of a challenge to hold — we called him “our lobster baby” — while Twin B was easily cuddled. As the boys developed, we saw other differences. Twin B rehearsed all the ambulatory milestones — crawling, walking, cycling, skating, etc. — while his twin watched, then copied the skill when it was mastered.

Is this bitch saying that one of her babies is White, while the other one is a Chinese communist?

The Chinese are always spying and copying what the glorious White race is doing.

That’s pretty crazy.

Although they shared all their genes and grew up with the same adoring parents, clearly there were differences in these boys that had been influenced by other factors in their environment, both prenatal and postnatal.

The relative importance of nature and nurture to how a child develops has been debated by philosophers and psychologists for centuries, and has had strong — and sometimes misguided — influences on public policy.

You can say that again.

All programs to “equalize” the races have just been an obscene waste of resources, which all eventually ended up just hamstringing talented people without actually “bringing up” any of the subhuman shitholers.

The well-intentioned Head Start program, for example, was designed to give children from deprived environments an academic leg up. But it might have been more effective to teach their caregivers parenting and nurturing skills, as well as how to enrich the children’s environment and resist bad influences.

No, retard. It would have been more effective to accept that stupid people (read: niggers) are hopeless wastes of space, and should just be put in fast-track programs to become streets sweepers and McDonald’s cashiers. Maybe after 10 years of intense schooling, they might be able to get my freaking order right.

In any case, the author continues spouting delusional nonsense about the importance of nurture, but then starts discussing actual science in the form of twin studies.

The many studies of thousands of pairs of identical and fraternal twins, both those reared together and those reared apart, have made it possible to assess the relative contributions of genes and the environment to a large number of characteristics.

“It’s trait-specific,” Dr. Segal said, with different ratios depending on the characteristic in question. “In an individual person, the contributions of genes and the environment are inestimable,” she explained, “but on a population basis we can estimate how much person-to-person variation is explained by genetic and environmental differences.”

The studies of reared-apart twins have shown that in general, half the differences in personality and religiosity are genetically determined, but for a trait like I.Q., about 75 percent of the variation, on average, is genetic, with only 25 percent influenced by the environment.

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Who knew that the New York Times actually still published accurate facts from time to time?

This must have slipped by the editors.

IQ is, of course, the single most important psychological variable when it comes to predicting things like future income, criminality, marital stability and so on. So a high IQ population will automatically have better outcomes as compared with a dumber one.

The fact that IQ is largely inherited is of major importance, especially when considering that intelligence varies widely by race.

And that’s for American Blacks. Africaniggers are like, one standard deviation lower.