Quebec: Young People Protest Virus Hoax, Want to Have Fun Socially

I guess we’re not doing Halloween either…

I can’t believe the number of millennials and younger that went along with this virus hoax.

You would think young people with a lot of hormones, as well as loser millennials who have no ability to connect with other people in a meaningful way, would want their bars and discos and other social spots.

But only the French complain.


Deprived of their favorite pastime, club-goers have taken to the streets of Montreal, demanding the authorities lift the ban on dancing and singing in clubs – a verboten activity under Covid-19 rules.

A large crowd of people staged a dance party-slash-protest west of downtown Montreal on Saturday. The demonstrators, some of them wearing party costumes, held signs reading “open the dance floor” and “dance for the right to dance” as music blared from a loudspeaker.

While Quebec eased many of the pandemic restrictions on indoor venues, and clubs and bars have been able to welcome visitors since summer, the ban on dancing and karaoke persists, prompting frustrated club owners and others to question the government’s logic. Critics of the ban point out that major concert venues have already been operating at full capacity, citing the example of the Bell Centre in Montreal, which hosted a show by pop stars Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias as recently as last week. It was estimated that 15,000 attended last Saturday.

Yeah you can go see some gross old Latino homosexuals put on a disgusting show, but you can’t party normally at a bar.

I said for the entire first year that the young people should demand a right to party.

I said fight back against the Fun Police.

I said “we have a right to live and have fun!”

I said use Andrew WK as the theme song of the revolution.

But no one ever listens to wacky ol’ Anglin.

I just want the record to state that I think men dancing is gay. (Do not send me pictures of ballroom dancing boomers – I don’t care. I’m not doing ballroom dancing anymore than I’m doing disco dancing. The only dancing I would consider is hardcore breakdancing. In fact, I used to breakdance semi-pro.)

We’ve got some other anger in Switzerland.

The Russians are the only ones who report any of this in English, I just want to remind you.


Thousands of protesters held a rally in Bern, rejecting the introduction of Covid certificates aimed to curb the spread of the virus. The rally remained peaceful, unlike earlier October protests.

Massive crowds of people flooded Bern, the capital of Switzerland, this Saturday, expressing anger over the Covid-19 measures adopted by the government. Since September 13, Covid certificates showing that a person is vaccinated, has recovered from Covid, or has a negative PCR test, are required to enter public places across the country.

Social media users shared images of a march of Trychlers – people in traditional costumes who describe themselves as a peaceful community defending traditional Swiss values against political agendas.

The protest was approved by the local authorities and unfolded peacefully. A much smaller counterprotest was held in Bern at the same time.

Yeah, it’s weird the cops allowed it.

Or maybe it isn’t that weird?

Switzerland has always been this weird neutral territory where things function differently, due to the elite economic interests and intelligence groups that operate there.

So maybe they will not go full on like the rest of the Western world.

They were neutral in WWII, maybe they’ll be neutral in WWH (World War Hoax).


No one’s going to stop anything now.

I thought a few months ago, during middle to end summer, that maybe we were going to see a serious backlash in Europe.

I mean, it was serious. It was the biggest protest movement of my lifetime – and completely buried by the English media.

But, though some people are still protesting here and there, the big movements have slowed.

We’re headed for a dark winter.