Queasy Hebrew Gentleman Tries to Explain Love of Saudi Arabia to Sean Hannity

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2018

Why is it that every time I see Jared Kushner, he always looks queasy?

Is he always queasy?

Do people follow him around with a puke bucket?

As per this particular story: you can watch the video. It’s exactly what you would expect. He just kinda dances around the Khashoggi murder, and talks about how important it is for the US to have an alliance with the Saudis… because Israel.

The thing about that is: I don’t really think that the Fox News audience that supports Israel really understands how closely they are tied to Saudi Arabia, and I don’t really think the Jews want them to know that. Because other than the evangelical “chosen ones” gibberish, the main reason that boomercons support Israel is that they view them as being anti-Moslem. And though these people are literally dumber than niggers, I think they are aware that Saudi Arabia is the biggest, nastiest Moslem country.

So finding out the generally very public fact that Saudi is BFF with Israel might be for them like finding out their wife is cheating on them. Though the fact of Saudi-Israel relations is extremely public, boomercons do not believe information that isn’t told to them directly by Fox News or some other mainstream normie outlet.

Although Jews do not tend to really understand the thoughts of American boomers any more than a farmer understands the thoughts of a cow he is milking, someone apparently alerted Kushner to the fact that learning that Israel is greatest allies with Saudi was not something he was supposed to say on Fox News, so he sort of just hinted that it would be so bad for Israel if the US broke ties with Saudi because Saudi is going to help with the Palestinian negotiations.

I guess he was successful? 

Who knows.

I can’t understand evangelical retards any more than the Jews can. Other than that they believe that if they support Israel, Jesus with come down out of outer space and suck them up into Heaven so they never have to die. And that belief is… a little bit selfish, I think. Not to mention retarded. When did religion become about magical science fiction gibberish?

It used to be about cold hard steel.

I wish Trump would remove Kushner and Ivanka from the White House already.

He’s seen that his strategy of using his Jewish son-in-law to try and trick the Jews into supporting him doesn’t work. They are going to try and impeach him for banging some porno whore.

It’s sunk costs.

But let the costs sink already.

Mr. President: the Jews in this country will not be your friends, no matter how much you do for Israel.

Not even the extremist neocons will be your friends.

William Kristol, Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin – three top neocon Jews who had previously been 100% Israel first – are some of your most prominent critics.

I get that this is surprising. Even I am a little bit surprised by it. I thought at the very least you could pull in the neocon hardliners with the embassy move and the $38 billion.

But it isn’t happening. Look around. It. is. not. happening.

You couldn’t even keep your own long-time Jew lawyer from turning around and attacking you. Remember, he’s the guy they’re trying to use to impeach you.

It’s possible that Kushner is so full-on for Israel that he won’t flip, but I wouldn’t even be sure about that. He could well be plotting against you. And your daughter is so angry about losing her position in NYC social circles, that she would probably go along with whatever tricks the Kush has up his sleeve.

Just drop it already. Do the minimum to satisfy the evangelicals, then act without paying attention to these supposed “people.”

Seriously: you could not be more hated by Jews, no matter what you did. So there is absolutely nothing to lose by just ignoring them, and apparently there is absolutely nothing to gain by paying attention to their whining.

Let it go.