¡Qué Interesante! El Daily Stormer

Daily Stormer
May 9, 2017

The Daily Stormer has garnered amazing penetration into the Anglosphere. Over 3 million people visit this site every month, and Anglin’s biting polemic and entertaining rhetorical style manages to captivate and retain a lot of those readers. His prolific output is the core reason for the success of this site, but it has also conquered a litany of intense technical hurdles as well. With a staff of fewer than five people, it has become larger than publications with millions of dollars in funding (send Anglin money to match that) and hundreds of employees occupying entire buildings. This includes, for example, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the paper that serves my entire home state. Every second that this site even stays online is a testament to the heroic sacrifices of all those involved with it.

Insofar as sites which promote the ideology of National Socialism and the divine glory of Adolf Hitler, none has shown greater success. I am deeply honored to have something to do with the greatest act of rebellion and resistance that has occurred since George Lincoln Rockwell.

However successful The Daily Stormer is in its pursuits, there is always room to do better. Insofar as our core goals, we have published timely news commentary from the National Socialist perspective only in English up until this point. This is a problem, because most people in the world do not speak English. If our goal is to spread National Socialism and Hitlerism across the world, we must have sites publishing in all the world’s most spoken languages.

It is for this reason that we announce the launch of El Daily Stormer, a Spanish language news portal in the style of the English language publication. Many have noticed the flag of Spain that now rests on the top menu of the site when visiting via a desktop browser.

Speakers of Spanish have historically provided a fertile ground for National Socialist ideology and the reverence of Adolf Hitler. Of all the world’s languages, it was the easiest to build a new site on and provided the most value add. Daily Stormer had a reasonably large community of Spanish speakers already, and from those the new site grew.

This effort does not stop here. We’re highly interested in doing other alternative language publications to spread the glory and truth of Adolf Hitler across the globe. Mandarin, Hindi, and French are at the top of the list. I’m also planning a women’s magazine modeled after the publications of the Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft. 

We now indoctrinate millions, but we can indoctrinate billions. First El Daily Stormer, tomorrow the world. Let a thousand pogroms bloom.