Quadroon Singer Pisses on Fat Boomer’s Face on Stage. Band Apologizes.

You’re going to have things like this.

We’ve developed a real “late Roman Empire” type vibe.

The Wrap:

Brass Against, a band known for performing brass versions of rock songs, has issued an apology after its lead singer peed on a fan’s face at a festival in Daytona Beach last week.

During a set at Welcome to Rockville on Thursday night, singer Sophia Urista pulled down her pants on stage and peed on a (surprisingly willing) fan mid-song. On Friday, the band posted an apology on Twitter, assuring fans that it wasn’t a planned stunt.

I don’t believe that it wasn’t a publicity stunt. In the video (below), the woman is performing more or less normally, with no indication she’s gone full GG Allin doompunk.

I had never heard of this band, but I looked it up, and this quadroon bitch is doing some kind of porn/fetish/BDSM thing.

They had the fat boomer ready with a cup strapped to his head, and called him up for the act.

One white guy in the band did seem genuinely surprised, looking on in what appeared to be horror.

I guess the stunt will work. You’re hearing about the band, no? I’d also expect that a lot of feminists will write pieces about how women can be empowered by pissing on men’s faces.

During the performance, Urista grabbed a bottle of water, and noted that the show would be closed out with her relieving herself on someone in the audience once she drank it all.

“Get my man with the can on his head ready, ’cause we’re going to bring him onstage and I’ma piss in this motherf—er’s mouth,” she said.

A few minutes later, the man indeed climbed onto the stage, with an apparently empty can attached to his forehead. He laid down flat on his back on stage, prompting Urista to straddle his head, slide her pants down, and pee into the can — or at least, aim for it.

When she finished, the man scooped some of the liquid on stage into his hands and threw it out over the audience. After getting her pants pulled back up, Urista walked back over to him, telling him to get off the stage and calling for security to help her out.

“Security, get him the f— out of here!” she said. “Get the f— out of here, you’re done!”

The fat boomer volunteering to be sexually humiliated in public is not surprising. Men are all so thirsty, they’d sign up for sexual torture by a halfway thin quadroon.

The thirst is real. Part of it is a genuine and unnatural inability for normal men to have any kind of access to women, and part of it is just the full hedonism and sexualization of our culture. I don’t think ignoring either aspect of that is appropriate. Some incels will say it is all just abuse by women, and some tradcats will say it is all just hypersexualization of society and the porno culture. But both are definitely factors to be pondered when considering why a fat white guy would volunteer to be sexually humiliated in public by an aging quadroon sex pot.

I also want to say that the band is not good, in my opinion. As the reader is probably aware, I’ve got a pretty wide range of music interests, and “covers of rock songs with brass instruments” sounded like a good proposition to me. But the songs are really just confusing.

Here they are doing Tool’s The Pot.

It’s not really jazz, jump, or big band music, it is basically heavy metal with horns. I don’t understand why, if you’re going to use horns, you would choose this sound. It’s discordant and offensive, frankly.

In fact, it might be more offensive than pissing on a fat guy’s face.

Here’s the piss video. I don’t really recommend watching it.