Qatari Dignitary Accused of Ordering the Killing of Americans on US Soil, Abusing Gay Prostitute

It really is insane that we have a world order where we treat Moslems as equals.

That said, this could all just be counter-propaganda against Qatar, who’s making a lot of other Moslems angry.

Daily Mail:

The brother of Qatar’s emir ordered his staff to kill Americans on US soil and personally beat his chauffeur to death in Qatar, a bombshell lawsuit claims. has exclusively obtained a copy of a federal civil lawsuit filed in Massachusetts on Tuesday, which paints a deeply disturbing picture of a billionaire playboy Arab royal, who allegedly murdered a man in front of one of the American plaintiffs.

The allegations are against Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, brother to the Qatari Emir.

The court papers, filed by six American former staffers of the Sheikh, claim he went on days-long sleepless ‘binges’, partied with prostitutes, ordered two of his US staff to kill people, threatened to kill staff himself, exposed himself to his male nurse and told the nurse he ‘wanted to skull f**k someone’ while waving his penis at him.

And in one horrific incident detailed in the lawsuit, the Qatari prince allegedly committed ‘an act of sodomy against a male prostitute with a billiard stick’.

One of the plaintiffs, Ramez Tohme, the son of Michael Jackson’s last manager Tohme Tohme, claims in the lawsuit that the Qatari prince threatened to kill him, saying ‘you can call your father and tell him that you are going to be buried in the desert.’

Tohme, 33 claims the Sheikh kidnapped him and kept him prisoner in Doha for days, attempted to frame him for a crime and had him thrown in jail.

Another of the plaintiffs, Oak Ridge Tennessee-based Terry Hope, worked for Sheikh Khalid’s car racing team, Al Anabi Racing.

In the lawsuit he claims that between 2010 and 2012 the Sheikh ordered him to murder his rival, the then owner of the American Drag Racing League and the owner’s wife, four times.

Hope, 54, claims the Sheikh told him he ‘would be financially ‘set up’ for the rest of his life’ if he performed the contract killings, but he refused.

Hope claims that in 2016, while working for Sheikh Khalid in Doha, the prince drove out to the desert and beat his chauffeur to death in front of him.

‘The more that the chauffeur pleaded, the more aggressive Defendant Khalid beat him,’ Hope claimed in his lawsuit, recounting the alleged murder that he says he saw from just a few feet away.

‘Plaintiff observed Defendant Khalid to pull out his pistol, grab the chauffeur by the back of the head, and place the pistol in the chauffeur’s mouth,’ the former racing team member claimed.

‘Plaintiff observed Defendant Khalid to then strike chauffeur in the back of the head, observed the chauffeur to fall limp, observed the chauffeur’s chest to cease rising, and the chauffeur to eventually become lifeless.’

I don’t trust Tohme Tohme in any way, so I have no reason to trust his son.

There is no reason to believe this isn’t all fake.

But the point is: whether it is fake or not, it is believable, because this is the way Moslems behave. We should not have them in our country, and we should not have diplomatic relations with them. These people are total trash. I’m so tired of hearing right-wingers defend the Moslems just because they are against the Jews. That is absolutely no different than saying “I support the Bloods because they fight against the Crips.”

Have you ever heard any right-winger say that they support the Bloods because they don’t like the Crips? I haven’t. But I’ve heard a lot of right-wingers say they like Moslems because they don’t like Jews.

In a real world order that was dominated by white people, no one would be thinking about either of these desert tribes.