Qatar Will Allow Anal Flags at 2022 World Cup

I told you: the Moslems are going full anal.


Rainbow flags will be allowed in stadiums at the 2022 World Cup after Qatar said it would comply with FIFA rules promoting tolerance and inclusion at matches despite the Arab country´s strict anti-LGBTQ laws.

With less than two years until the tournament, though, concerns persist about the treatment facing gay fans in Qatar due the conservative religious code prohibiting same-sex relations that conflict with FIFA’s stance against homophobia.

FIFA said it was determined to push Qatar on staging a “tournament that is inclusive” when the World Cup heads to the Middle East for the first time.

“I´m an openly gay woman in football, so this is personally, to me, something I´m close to as well,” FIFA chief social responsibility and education officer Joyce Cook told The Associated Press.

“We will see a progressive change in all of those aspects and rainbow flags, t-shirts will all be welcome in the stadium – that´s a given. They understand very well that is our stance.”

Qatar’s World Cup leadership has offered FIFA the assurances that displays promoting LGBTQ rights will not be removed.

You’re going to witness, over the next 2-3 years, the entire Islamic world fold, and curl up like a crumpled up tissue.

The leadership of the Islamic world has already sold out, so now all they have to do is barrage the population with all of this stuff about how it will be so much fun and sexy and happy when there are no more nasty rules.

A few people will resist and presumably strap bombs to their chests, as is the custom of traditional Moslems, but they won’t make any difference.

It should make whites proud that we resisted this for decades on end, and these Moslems who are supposed to be so ultra conservative are cracking like it’s nothing.

Oh, and with the 2022 World Cup – the stadiums are going to be empty, of course. But I guess there will still be gay flags.

The entire fake crowd might be 100% homo.