QAnon Shaman Says He Did Nothing Wrong, Cops Waved Him Into Capitol

The QAnon Shaman is obviously a dumbass, and probably some kind of FBI asset, but as he told CBS’s 60 Minutes PLUS, he did nothing wrong when he entered the Capitol building. It isn’t a big deal, and he should be released from jail.

As the Shaman explains, he was waved in by the police. Obviously, the whole situation was an absolute setup, even if this guy isn’t a fed.

The leaders of the two organizations charged with conspiracy to enter the Capitol, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, are both now admitted to have been run by FBI assets.

The Shaman explained that all he did in the Capitol was sing a song, and that he stopped people from stealing muffins.

Although the interview is mildly bizarre, much more bizarre is the material from CBS, which has an alien-looking woman explaining that this is a dark attack on our democracy and the face of extremism. She also explains, falsely, that the election was legitimate.

She says that she is surprised that the Shaman hasn’t completely changed his entire worldview as a result of being charged with trespassing. It is confusing that she would expect that to happen.

I wonder how many people in America believe this guy is the face of a revolutionary terrorist movement that poses an existential threat to democracy? What is going on in people’s brains?