QAnon Shaman on Hunger Strike Because the Jail Doesn’t Serve Organic Food

This QAnon Shaman guy actually is funny.

I didn’t like him because of that shit in Arizona (if you don’t know the story, don’t worry about it), but he’s growing on me.

After being arrested for storming the Capitol, Jake Angeli (which I guess is his name?) is refusing to eat food in jail because they won’t serve him organic.

Liberals are really mad.

Angeli was arrested shortly after his epic showdown against Alex Jones (which he lost).

Despite losing the showdown, Angeli managed to incite one of the funniest AJ clips in a while.

And I have to respect the fact that even after all of this, Angeli is still saying that Q is real and this is all part of the plan.

Frankly, I just have to state the obvious: while the QAnon Shaman was in charge of the Capitol, there were no wars declared, the government didn’t give itself the power to lock me in my house, tech companies were not given billions in taxpayer dollars to censor taxpayers, no elections were stolen, mass immigration laws were not passed, women were not given extra abortion rights.

Jake Angeli is a better politician than anyone currently serving, I can tell you that much.