QAnon in France: Macron Orders Investigation Into People Thinking Different Things Than What the Media Says to Think

QAnon might not be real, but it’s a helluva lot more real than the fantasies that get spun on the mainstream media.

Furthermore, it’s not just about whether or not the people have facts. The government now wants everyone to be forced to agree with everything they say. So they are opposed to people believing something different than they say, even if that thing is wrong.


After rising to the fore in the US during the most fraught presidential campaign the country has seen for decades, the QAnon phenomenon has emerged in France – prompting President Emmanuel Macron’s government to order a multiagency inquiry on conspiracist movements scheduled to report back at the end of February.

The French state agency responsible for tackling sectarian movements, MIVILUDES, has received some 15 reports over recent weeks raising the alarm about the rise of QAnon in FranceLe Figaro reported. The agency described the development of the movement as “highly concerning” in an internal communication seen by the French paper.

As she commissioned an inquiry by the police and MIVILUDES, Minister for Citizenship Marlène Schiappa expressed the same sentiments: The development of “new conspiracist groups” on French soil is “very worrying”, she told France 3 in January – underlining that the government “has its eye on” QAnon.

The QAnon phenomenon encompasses “a few hundred thousand” adherents, Tristan Mendès France, an expert on conspiracist movements at Paris-Diderot University, told Le Figaro.

The website DéQodeurs is a major French gateway to its world. The site’s centrepiece is a big screen at the top of the homepage broadcasting a video titled “We are the people” – which has also garnered more than 57,000 views on YouTube since its publication on January 27, even though the site removed DéQodeurs’ dedicated channel in October.

The idea of Trump as a hero waging a secretive war against a cabal of cannibalistic, Satan-worshipping paedophiles is the heart of QAnon’s fantasy – none of which is true.

It seems like if they were really confident, they wouldn’t have to add that it isn’t true.

The article goes on to describe the shape of the QAnon movement in France, and the government’s plan to prevent them from communicating with each other.

They note that they’re especially dangerous because they don’t believe everything Anthony Fauci has to say about the coronavirus (which at this point, could be saying “I think one mask is enough.”)

They’re locked in their houses already (especially on the weekends), so there is no threat of them communicating in real life. So it’s just a logistical matter to stop them communicating online.

A Kooky Evil

It really is just kooky, the level of authoritarianism we are currently under. And it’s wacky how quickly it has appeared. A lot of people still haven’t been directly touched by it, other than obviously through the coronavirus lockdown stuff. But everyone is going to be touched by it.

I have to say: when they first came down on me, starting really in 2014, it was a shocking experience. I was like “Wait, but all I did was type stuff on the internet. Most of it was just joking around. What is going on? I’m now being hunted like some kind of criminal, because I disagreed with the media?”

Basically, I was forced to confront the fact that I was already living in a totally controlled society, and I just never knew it was controlled because I never pressed the edges of it. It was like realizing that I was just in a large prison cell.

It was really no different than living in North Korea, I realized. The overwhelming majority of people in that society follow the rules of the society, and never know what happens if you happen to not follow the rules.

Then I met this guy named weev and he was like “yeah dude, this is how they getcha.”

By the time 2017 came around and they totally crushed me with censorship that before that had not existed, I was still shocked by the degree of it, but the concept was known to me: the powers-that-be take speech that they disagree with incredibly seriously, and they will come down on you like a piano pushed off a highrise building if you start saying something they don’t like and people start listening to you.

Right now, they are not hiding the fact that we are all living in a large prison cell, and they are starting to really get in people’s faces. Soon, everyone will have had these people right up in their faces, and they will have to make a decision about how they are going to deal with that.

Most will of course cower like women, because they can’t imagine inconveniencing themselves for some notion of a greater good, or personal dignity, or any other abstraction.

Some, however, due to romanticism (religion, primarily, but also other types of romanticism) or lunacy are going to push back against it. They know that a certain number of people are going to push back against it, and they have their estimates of how many it will be, based on their computer simulations, but they are going to make certain that they are able to withstand whatever amount of pushback they get.

That is what you are seeing, with the military in Washington, with the investigations into things people said on the internet, with a declaration of war on white people in general: they are preparing the necessary arrangements to put down any and all pushback that they might get.

We’re in for a real wacky ride, I can tell you this much.