Putin Told Macron That Navalny Poisoning was a False Flag, French Media Twisted Up His Words

Vladimir Putin must be nearly as tired as I am.

Unsurprisingly, Vladimir Putin reached the same conclusion about the Navalny poisoning as Andrew Anglin. This is being twisted by the media in order to create confusion around the obvious explanation of what happened.


Moscow has dismissed a report by Parisian newspaper Le Monde claiming President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that Russian “internet troublemaker” Alexey Navalny may have poisoned himself.

“The newspaper is absolutely incorrect in its wording,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Wednesday. Peskov was referring to a report, on Tuesday, by the French daily claiming some insights into the content of talks between Putin and the French president.

Le Monde claimed it had obtained the sensitive information from anonymous sources. Which, if true, would be a serious violation of diplomatic rules.

The article alleged that Putin had referred to the opposition figure as an “internet troublemaker,” who’d previously simulated an illness and who could have poisoned himself for some unclear reasons.

For unclear reasons?


How about the reason which is the obvious thing that has happened right in front of us, which is that he’s gone from being an obscure loser who no one cared about to one of the most important news stories in the world?

There is simply nothing better that could possibly have happened to this man’s career.

Furthermore, this absurd poisoning has given the West an excuse to massively escalate tensions.

Again: we are never, ever allowed to ask that one question:

The reasons he would have poisoned himself are obvious and self-explanatory.

You literally do not need to explain it. Just look at the results.





This is insane that the media can get away with this.

Although I am getting tired of saying that “it is insane the media can get away with this,” I just don’t know what else to say. They can apparently get away with literally anything, so maybe it isn’t insane anymore.

Furthermore, in order to believe this story, you have to believe that KGB spies couldn’t get the dose right on the poison. It’s a chemical weapon and a nerve agent, but they got the dose wrong. They didn’t use enough to kill him. So he survived to create an international incident.

He’s looking pretty healthy for someone the KGB attempted to assassinate with a nerve agent.

I think Le Monde probably did get descriptions of the conversation, but they probably misinterpreted (purposefully or otherwise) the way that Putin framed it. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but I suspect that he framed it very similarly to the way I framed my own analysis when I first read this story.

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Go read what I wrote if you haven’t.

It wouldn’t be “he poisoned himself for unclear reasons,” it would be, “some Western body worked with him to do the poisoning for the purpose of creating this international incident and raising tensions with Russia, something which would also save his horrible, dying career.”

I’m not a genius; this is just obvious. Although I will say – no other English media outlet gave that analysis, and you all should be very grateful for me.


Le Monde turned that into “he poisoned himself for no reason! Putin is a liar! He thinks we’re stupid!”

The Frenchman hides his smug grin as he lies to the people.

Probably, the reason they are publishing this now is to preempt anyone coming out and saying this. They want to dismiss the idea of a false flag poisoning, off the bat. Publishing a summary of a private conversation like this is a serious breach of protocol, and something that Le Monde may or may not be able to be prosecuted for. So it was important to someone that this got out.

Now, if people hear my explanation for the poisoning, or if the Russian government tries to present evidence supporting this, the people will remember this framing of it as silly, and dismiss it.