Putin Spokesman Says He Isn’t Quitting, His Health is Fine

It’s pretty standard operating procedure for a spokesperson to come out and deny something like this, even if it is true.

But it’s also possible it’s not true.

Daily Mail:

The Kremlin has denied Vladimir Putin is planning to quit as Russian President amid claims he is suffering from ill health and may step down as early as January.

The 68-year-old strongman’s future has been the subject of increasing speculation after prominent critic Professor Valery Solovei suggested the leader had Parkinson’s and that his family – and¬†lover Alina Kabaeva – had urged him to retire in the new year.

But on Friday morning, Kremlin spokesman and deputy chief of staff Dmitry Peskov insisted Putin was in ‘excellent health’ and dismissed the claims as ‘complete nonsense’.

Asked if Putin was planning to step down in the near future as Solovei had suggested, Peskov said ‘no’ adding: ‘Everything is fine with the President.’

It comes as it emerged that Putin is making retirement plans by introducing a new bill which would make him a senator for life and guarantee him life-long immunity after office.

We will just have to wait and see if it is true.

I hope it’s not true. With both Trump and Putin gone, we would have literally no single figure on earth defending White Christians, and the single last force opposing the Jewish New World Order would be China.