Putin Sending Russia’s Largest Warship to Crush ISIS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2016


Admiral Kuzetnov

By destroying ISIS so quickly, after the US spent nearly two years trying and failed, Putin is proving:

A) Russia is a more capable military power than the US, or

B) The US was not actually trying to destroy ISIS, in fact viewing them as an ally, or

C) Both A and B

On top of making this point to the world, he is also defending an ally, which is financially beneficial to Russia and showing other potential allies that Russia is a reliable ally.

It is brilliant.

And it looks like he’s about ready to wrap it up.

Daily Mail:

Vladimir Putin is preparing to send Russia’s biggest battleship to Syria to crush ISIS at source.

The Admiral Kuzetnov is poised for dispatch in the autumn equipped with jet fighters and armoured helicopters ready to fight the terrorist group.

The move comes after the attacks on Bangladesh, where 20 hostages were hacked to death in a Dhaka restaurant, and Baghdad where 125 people were killed in a car bomb in the Iraqi capital.

The huge ship can carry up to 41 planes and 18 helicopters and is 305m long.

It will be based close enough to the Syrian coastline so that Russian troops can complete military tasks and return back, a source told TASS.

The military-diplomatic source said: ‘The General Staff has prepared a plan for involvement of the deck aircraft in delivering strikes on terrorist groups in the Syrian Arab Republic, where the crews will practice taking off the carrier to deliver strikes on ground targets.’

In a joint effort between the Admiral Kuzetnov’s crew and militants located at the Hmeymim Base, the Latakia airbase in Western Syria, strikes will be carried out in close coordination.

‘The Admiral Kuznetsov,” which will lead the Russian Navy’s permanent grouping in the Mediterranean Sea, will be close to the Syrian shore ‘so that the deck aircraft have enough fuel to complete the military tasks and return back,’ the source added.

On July 1, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said Russia’s Project 11435 aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will receive the Kamov Ka-52K (NATO reporting name: Hokum-B) helicopter this year (2016).

A military and diplomatic source told TASS earlier that the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov would arrive in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea in autumn.

The US, of course, is now rushing to pretend like they are fighting ISIS, trying to claim credit for the gains Russia has made.

But the spectacle of sending this giant warship to finish the bastards off will make it clear to everyone who is responsible for the victory over this vile, Western-backed terrorist group.

Defeating ISIS and reestablishing the Assad regime in Syria will be the first victory of the forces of good since the Jews started their major operations in the Middle East following the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.


Since that fateful day, regimes opposed to Israel have fallen left and right and been replaced with chaotic monkey nonsense.

The hope, of course, is that this victory will be the first in a series of victories leading-up to a Middle East dominated by Shiites, who are the much more civilized Islamic group.


The biggest problem in the Middle East is the fact that (((Western powers))) are pouring infinity oil money into Gulf states controlled by Emeritae monkeys with 70 IQs. These people have allied with Israel, and so side with Israel on issues like ISIS.

They are seriously so stupid that Israel can make them happy by supporting crazy head-chopping nonsense and being like “well, there’s the real Islam for you.”

The good news is all Arabs hate these people, and as the tide turns, they’re going to have some serious problems. A Shiite takeover of Saudi Arabia isn’t really possible (unless Shiites take back Jerusalem from the Jews, at which point prophecy states they are the de facto kings of all Islam), but an honest anti-Israel regime in Saudi Arabia would naturally be allied with the Shiites.